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August 2004 (740 kB)

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Cover, August 2004

A force to be reckoned with

Plus: Knowing what’s good for us * The monster in the box * Socialising Mr Hyde * Down on the post-enlargement farm * Introducing the small revolution

June 2004 (814 kB)
Cover, June 2004

The new competitiveness agenda

Plus: Behind every great innovator – a customer * Let’s do it! * Hands across the water * Not quite win-win * Write first time

April 2004 (699 kB)
Cover, April 2004

Is regulation good for innovation?

Plus: Centres of e-xcellence * The devil is in the financing* Competing factors * Making innovation trendy * The energy of the near future

February 2004 (674 kB)
Cover, February 2004

Industrial Districts - Clustering for innovation

Plus: New ideas about new ideas * Bridging the real and the digital worlds * Everyone a winner * The real bottom line * The digital doctor is on call

December 2003 (699 kB)
Cover, December 2003

Industrial Districts - Clustering for innovation

Plus: New ideas about new ideas * Bridging the real and the digital worlds * Everyone a winner * The real bottom line * The digital doctor is on call

October 2003 (699 kB)  
Cover, October 2003

Environmental technologies - the key to clean growth

Plus: Change the wheel – don’t reinvent it! * IT systems open to attack * Burning need for a hydrogen economy * Driving into the future

August 2003 (615 kB)  
Cover, August 2003

Climbing the down escalator

Plus: When the skilled leave home * Hard disks, not hard copies * Greenhouse gas: a report card * Planning for a peak experience

June 2003 (721 kB)  
Cover, June 2003

Greece - Towards a knowledge-based economy

Plus: Life begins at 40 * Helping companies to reinvent themselves * Bits of culture * Therms of trade * Hidden strength for houses * An ethical basis for research

April 2003 (508 kB)
Cover, April 2003

Feature :
Enterprise and enlargement

Plus: Sharing the fruits of knowledge * Not yet equal * Less is more * What to do when the earth moves * The fat’s in the fire

February 2003 (942 kB)
Cover, February 2003

Feature: Two steps forward, one step back?

Plus: Bridging a new digital divide and more * Taking the pulse of a society * Child labour - the world's shame * Cities for people? and more ...

December 2002 (845 kB)

Cover, December 2002

Feature: Denmark cranks up the research machine

Plus: El Niño's chilly little sister * We're getting better connected * Forward march * In a double bind over the double helix * and more ...

October 2002 (536 kB)

Cover, October 2002

Feature: 7 into 6 does go

Plus: Peaceful coexistence * Are we our own people? * Sound and safe * The fight for free speech * and more ...

August 2002 (741 kB)

Cover, August 2002

Feature: Looking at SMEs from all sides

Plus: Look after your property * Relying on SMEs for job growth * On line credit line *Canaries in the coalmines * and more ...

June 2002 (971 kB)

Cover, June 2002

Feature: Rebuilding trust in science

Plus: Innovate or die * Talking about talking to each other * The eco-industrial revolution *Breaking the gridlock * and more ...

April 2002 (1.699 kB)

Cover, April 2002

Feature: Spain tackles the European paradox

Plus: How to grow affluent * Cheques and balances *Helping businesses to help themselves * Protecting the past * Breeders' digest * and more ...

February 2002 (1.288 kB)

Cover, February 2002 edition Feature: Vertical segregation, subtle discrimination

Plus: Energy and eternal delight * Mapping out the new Europe * Growing pains * All for the common good * Clear and present danger * and more ...

December 2001 (517 kB)

Cover, December 2001 edition Feature: Finding the right level

Plus: Why Belgium? * The risk of not taking
a risk * Small business - big ideas * Living together * Get it right first time * Hard to swallow * and more ...

October 2001 (584 kB)

Cover, October 2001 edition Feature: What is happening to our climate?

Plus: Peaceful coexistence * Anver Ghazi: Europe sticks to its science * Our flexible future * Waiting in the wings * Connect and survive * Organic farming rules - OK? * and more ...

August 2001 (756 kB)

Cover, August 2001 edition Feature: The genome and human health

Plus: A helping hand from heaven * Genomics - the key to future life* Black gold * Does everything have its price? * Ethics Group informs debate * and more ...

June 2001 (658 kB)

Cover, June 2001 edition Feature: eContent: connecting worlds

Plus: The anatomy of innovation, How green is your Silicon Valley?, So, you want a job in media,Leave the car at home, How do we tame the gene genie? * and more ...

April 2001 (763 kB)

Cover, February 2001 edition Feature: Ideas on the move

Plus: Educating the educators * The untouchables * Wired up to e-learning *IT is where it's at * Technology can't fix it * Bubble economy * Science at sea *Interaction not inaction * Dump it or burn it? * Fuel cells - projects and possibilities * Joined up technologies * Smart moves * and more ...

February 2001 (1055 kB)

Cover, February 2001 edition Feature: Innovation in Sweden

Plus: Iron constitutions * Vital statistics * The new alchemy * Ecology across a continent * Keeping the information society on track * E-law - just a matter of common sense? * Human quality * In search of a strategy * Research sows the seeds of change * Compare, contrast and copy * Black and white and read all over * and more ...

December 2000 (772 kB)

Cover, December 2000 edition Feature: Innovation trends

Plus: Encouraging SMEs by example * Enterprising times * Enterprising times * Patently obvious * Don't bank on IT * A new way of innovating * The virtual economy gets real * Trend-spotting * Preserving cyberdiversity * Chips or nothing * Sticks and organic carrots * Growing richer, growing poorer * A lesson in life * On message * World energy:the big picture * Travelling for fun * Innovation policies a mouse-click away * and more ...

November 2000 (881 kB)

Cover, November 2000 edition Feature: Cordis - the first 10 years

Plus: Poles apart * Is Europe catching up with the competition? * Relevance and irreverence * Cashing in * Theory and praxis * Innovation at ground level * CORDIS: a decade of progress,and more to come * Still growing strong * Where the action is * Gateway to e-business * Saving the European part of the planet * Living on the edge * Eco-design hits the market * Growing on the web * Towards a green gene revolution Crumbs of hope * and more ...

August 2000 (709 kB)

Cover, August 2000 edition Feature: Research and Innovation in France

Plus: New light for innovation policy * Back to the roots * Programmes with sound and pictures *Taking on the old boys at their own game * Spinning the right line * From top-down to bottom-up * In search of effectiveness * French research in a European context * Closing the information technology gap * A tale of two countries * and more ...

June 2000 (849 kB)

Cover, June edition Feature: Multimedia content and tools

Plus: Trust me, I'm a doctor * New technologies for a new society * Innovation - a new review * Rich opportunities in multimedia content * Multimedia comes of age * Beyond the sneakernet * Communication gap * SHIVA - destruction or renewal? * Down to earth * Something in the water? * Tank goodness for gas * The green light for green business * Traffic report * White vans * A breath of fresh AIR * The importance of who you know * Multimedia websites

April 2000 (788 kB)

Cover, April edition Feature: Innovation in Portugal

Plus: Ten tools for busines survival * Triangular race * Harmony through technology * Gene blues * Will biotechnology float? * Portugal shakes off its past * A helping hand from the neighbours * Ringing the changes * Our genes in their hands * Get ready for the bio-oil rush * Keeping up appearances * Costing the earth * Burial duty * Trains and planes * Come on in, the water's lovely * Raiding the larder * Just say no * Catching the drug runners * Biotech becomes everybody's business * A humbling lesson

February 2000 (792 kB)

Cover, February edition Feature: Taking care of business

Plus: Is your business idea ready for LIFT-off ? * Putting technology in a wider context * Gophers, gazelles and e-commerce* Doing the right thing * Superhighway or cart track ?* Realeasing the voices from the tower * E-commerce: still the next big thing * The agricultural numbers game * Radio reaction * The dream is alive * A cross-roads for the transport industry * Car wars * As sure as eggs is eggs * Beware the food that bites back

December 1999 (773 kB)

Cover, December1999 edition Feature: Older people - new opportunities

Plus: Regulation versus innovation - the phoney war? * The technology-employment conundrum * Science education under the microscope * Reclaiming the Net * Informing the information society * Making the most of what we know * Mills and spills * The global-local development continuum * Moving towards eco-friendly food production * Putting the environment first * In the niche of time * Pension stations * Hello Dolly * A remedy for broken bones


October 1999 (853 kB)

Cover, October 1999 edition Feature: Environment: looking the future in the face

Plus: The new way to new jobs * Research for the rest of us * Hold the champagne * RTD past and future * America's vision for a digital future * Second-hand software * Writers' rights * Learning to live with squeaky-clean energy * The energy that dare not speak its name * Pay as you go * A fertile environment for biotechnology


August 1999 (1100 kB)

Cover, August1999 edition Feature: Innovation in Finland

Plus: Cybercafé to go* Trust me I'm a scientist * Using patents to kick-start information * Mind your own business * Network news * Keeping track of multimedia * Eco-cybersociety * Pollution for sale * Less burning issues * There's no such thing as an average user * Orphan drugs need foster parents


June 1999 (1753 kB)

Cover, June 1999 edition Feature: On the up

Plus: Science’s other half * Onwardly mobile * Climate of uncertainty * Microsystems — will they drive us wild? * The importance of being different... and more


April 1999 (1700 kB)

Cover, April1999 edition Feature: Germany - Innovation by consensus

Plus: Can countries, or only firms, compete? * Democacy and technocracy * Firms managing knowledge * Universities selling knowledge * Network economics * Data privacy * Satellite observation * Disposing of waste * Disposing of chemical weapons * Opinions of biotechnology * GMOs


February 1999 (1601 kB)

Cover, February 1999 edition

Feature: Lessons still to be learned on the road to a technological Europe

Plus: Inventing to order * Putting the phone down gently * The blue canary * Measuring technology’s harvest * A gender approach to diet... and more


December 1998 (1630 kB)

Cover, December1998 edition Feature: Electronic Commerce

Plus: Talking about innovation in Italian * Knowledge as a public good * Aparadigm of democratic science * NATO’s scientific role * Connecting remote villages * Intelligent agents * Tropical forests * Transport networks * Oil-spills * Landmine removal.


October 1998 (998 kB)

Cover, October1998 edition Feature: Innovation in Austria

Plus: Innovation in Austria
Plus: Foresight ignored * Selling innovation * Life-cycle assessment * Conversing with computers * Web-TV convergence * Using forests to clean air * Subsidies to industry * The oil industry


August 1998 (736 kB)

Cover, August1998 edition

Feature: Working in the knowledge society - Society, the endless frontier

Plus: Innovation management paradigms * Patents: know-how for the
asking * Cultural differences in management * ICTs in developing
countries * Conceptual modelling * Sustainable community development
* Runaway reactions * Electronic publishing * Virtual surgery


June 1998 (2000 kB)

Cover, June1998 edition

Feature: The European Commission's Second Report on Science and Technology Indicators

Plus: Choosing tools for innovation * a commercial future for space * the strange convergence of ecological models * the need for a new scientific paradigm * road accidents * alternative medicine and much more


April 1998 (1800 kB)

Cover, April 1998 edition

Feature: A look at the UK's Science and Technology Strategy

Plus: the OECD on local clusters of SMEs, Green Policies, Innovation Policy and Employment * Teleworking in the EU * the convergence of psychiatry and neurology * nanotechnology: inflated expectations? * and much more