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June 2002

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Talking about talking to each other

A new study points out an alarming lack of coherence in European policies on cultural diversity and the information society. The risk is that people who feel their local culture is being threatened may simply decide it's safer not to communicate with anyone else.

Conjuring a mobile content market with players who don't play

News, services and entertainment delivered to our mobile phones could be the next big thing, but only if all the partners in an increasingly complex business can find ways to co-operate. Mobile services will only become popular if the companies responsible for content can make enough money to be able to do their jobs well.

The cyber-crime explosion

Criminals are no less inventive than technologists, and the internet has quickly become the arena for a new category of misdeed which threatens to dominate crime in the third millennium. This EU study describes its scope and nature, and proposes possible counter measures.