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SciChallenge: Submission deadline extended!

Contributed by: Kinderbuero Universitaet Wien GmbH

From 2017-01-01 to 2017-05-15, Austria
SciChallenge is a model for a Europe-wide STEM competition, which is mainly based on Social Media. As a science engagement initiative it is supported under H2020-SEAC. Due to positive resonance, submission deadline is now extend until May 15th 2017!
SciChallenge: Submission deadline extended!
SciChallenge encourages Children and young people to prepare their ideas, visions and reflections about particular emerging fields of research and innvovation - and to submit their contribution in the form of short video clips, posters or presentations.

In two age groups (10-14, 15-20) pre-university students are invited to present, discuss and share their own thoughts via Social Media. The response on Social Media will, together with a review of an expert panel, identify the most interesting and outstandig submissions. Winners will be invited to Vienna for a final presentation and award ceremony in July 2017.

We think that the SciChallenge competition may just be right for the participants of science engagement programs across Europe and beyond – to deepen their engagement and continue with their experiences and informal learning. But also schools and the formal education system might benefit from including the preparation for the competition in classroom activities.

Launched just 4 month ago, the contest in in full swing now and more than 200 submissions came in from 23 countries so far. In face of this positive resonance, SciChallenge has just recetently decided to extend the submission deadline for 2 more weeks (until until 15 May 2017, 23:59 CET)

So if you are in contact with young people in STEM relevant field for activity, let them know and encourage them to join #scichallenge2017.

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