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Proposals for Council Decisions
concerning the specific programmes implementing the
Fifth Framework Programme of the European Community
for research, technological development and demonstration activities (1998-2002)

Preserving the ecosystem



The specific programme will be implemented through the indirect RTD actions defined in AnnexesII and IV to the fifth framework programme. In addition, the following rules specific to this programme will apply:

1. Accompanying measures

The accompanying measures will comprise in particular:

- studies in support of the specific programme, including the preparation of future activities,

- the exchange of information, conferences, seminars, workshops and scientific and technical meetings,

- recourse to external expertise, including access to scientific data bases, in particular for the purposes of the monitoring of the specific programme provided for in Article 5(1) of the fifth framework programme, the external assessment provided for in Article 5(2) of the fifth framework programme and the evaluation of indirect RTD actions and the monitoring of their implementation,

- dissemination, information and communication activities, including scientific publications, activities for the exploitation of results and the transfer of technologies,

- training schemes related to RTD activities covered by the specific programme, other than the "Marie Curie" fellowships,

- support for schemes to provide information and assistance for research players, including SMEs, and including the development of closer international scientific cooperation,

- support for promotion of common data structures and for data compatibility, standardisation, processing, management and exchange,

- recourse to external capacities for the establishment of and access to services and networks for information, assistance and promotion of research and innovation.

2. Financial participation rates

In the specific case of RTD projects, demonstration projects and integrated projects, the costs of use of research vessels, off-shore platforms and airborne platforms will be eligible costs. Details of these costs are set out in the work programme.

3. Additional rules for participation and dissemination

This programme is also open to legal entities established in third countries and international organisations which may participate on a project by project basis provided their participation contributes effectively to the implementation of the programme.

Such entities and international organisations may exceptionally receive financial support where their participation is beneficial and offers added value for achieving the objectives of the programme.

4. Coordination arrangements

The Commission will endeavour to ensure complementarity between the indirect RTD actions within the programme, in particular by grouping them around a common objective, and to avoid duplication, while respecting the legitimate interests of proposers of indirect RTD actions.

Coordination will also be ensured between actions under the specific programme and those carried out in:

- other specific programmes implementing the fifth framework programme,

- the research and training programmes implementing Council Decision .../.../Euratom of ... concerning the fifth framework programme of the European Atomic Energy Community (Euratom) for research and training activities (1998-2002), (37)

  • other European research frameworks such as Eureka and COST,

  • other Community research-related instruments such as PHARE, TACIS, MEDA, the EIF, the Structural Funds and the EIB and the programmes on the environment and energy.

It will comprise:

(i) the identification of common themes or priorities, resulting in particular in:

  • the exchange of information,

  • the carrying out of work decided upon jointly, entailing in particular the joint initiation of one of the procedures referred to in Article 9 of the rules for participation and dissemination,

(ii) the reassignment of proposals for indirect RTD actions between specific programmes or between a specific programme and a research and training programme.

37. OJ No L

NB : While the Commission Services do their utmost to avoid any errors or omissions, the Commission disclaims all liability for the documents circulated, and the only authentic version is that published in the Official Journal of the European Communities.

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