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23.12.1998 Legislation establishing FP5 approved following Council's ratification of the "Conciliation Agreement"
14.12.1998 Parliament approves Fifth Framework Programme
08.12.1998 Details of the Information Society Technologies programme of the Fifth Framework Programme
24.11.1998 Commission appoints members of new External Advisory Groups for the Fifth Framework Programme - 24.11.1998
- Press release
- List of Members of the External Advisory Groups
24.11.1998 La Commission nomme les membres des nouveaux groupes consultatifs externes pour le Cinquième Programme-cadre - 24.11.1998
- Communiqué de presse
- Liste des Membres des Groupes Consultatifs Externes
18.11.1998 Parliament and Council reach agreement on the Fifth RTD Framework Programme - 17 November 1998
See the Commission Press Release in English and French
15.10.1998 Council of Ministers make further progress with Fifth Framework Programme - 13 October 1998
15.10.1998 Second formal meeting of the Conciliation Committee - 12 October 1998
06.10.1998 Conciliation Procedure for Fifth Framework Programme opens - 29 September 1998
27.08.1998 Call for a Certification Service Provider for electronic signatures for the Community Research Programmes open procedure
11.08.1998 The Commission plans opening of Fifth Framework Programme to candidate countries , 27 July 1998
24.06.1998 Council makes progress on Fifth Framework Programme , Luxembourg - 22 June 1998
19.06.1998 Parliament's second Opinion on the Fifth Framework Programme - 17 June 1998
19.06.1998 EU calls for members for new research advisory groups
03.06.1998 Parliament report on proposed rules for participation in Fifth RTD Framework Programme - 28 May 1998
14.05.1998 Specific programme proposals adopted by the Commission
05.03.1998 Commission and Parliament discuss second reading of Fifth Framework Programme - 3 March 1998
17.02.1998 Commission Press Release: EU Research Ministers reach agreement on the Fifth Framework Programme - 13 February 1998
17.02.1998 Communiqué de presse de la Commission: Les Ministres de la recherche de l’UE ont dégagé un accord sur le cinquième programme-cadre de recherche - 13 février 1998
13.02.1998 Council reaches breakthrough on Fifth Framework Programme
04.02.1998 UK Presidency targets agreement on Fifth Framework Programme
04.02.1998 Fifth Framework Programme to be discussed at Research Council, 12 February 1998
29.01.1998 The future of the TMR programme under the Fifth RTD Framework Programme
19.01.1998 Commission approves new proposal for Fifth Framework Programme
15.01.1998 Commission revises its proposal for Fifth RTD Framework Programme
18.12.1997 Commission proposes rules for participation and dissemination of results in the Fifth RTD Framework Programme
28.11.1997 EP Research Committee votes on Fifth RTD Framework Programme
19.11.1997 Parliament to vote on Fifth Framework Programme proposal
12.11.1997 Another step closer to the Fifth Framework Programme , Research Council - 10 November 1997
05.11.1997 Commission adopts new working paper on the Fifth RTD Framework Programme
30.07.1997 Commission proposes 5th FWP budget
20.05.1997 Ministers discuss 5th FWP proposal , Research Council 14-15 May 1997
17.04.1997 Comments by the Netherlands on the Working Document Towards the Fifth Framework Programme (COM(97) 47)
09.04.1997 Commission adopts draft proposal
04.04.1997 What does CREST say on Fifth Framework Programme?
19.02.1997 " Towards the 5th Framework Programme: Scientific and Technological Objectives " (second working paper)
07.01.1997 Research Council of 5 December 1996 holds second discussion on 5th FWP
27.11.1996 Commission clarifies its preliminary guidelines on the 5th FWP:
English .
08.10.1996 Council holds first discussions on 5th FWP
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