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The European Investment Bank (EIB)

The European Investment Bank, the European Union's financing institution, was set up in 1958 to provide loan finance for capital investment furthering the European Union's balanced development. Owned by the Member States, the EIB raises its funds on capital markets where its bond issues have consistently received an excellent credit rating (AAA).

The mission of the European Investment Bank is to further the objectives of the European Union by making long-term finance available for sound investment. To receive its support, projects and programmes must be viable in four fundamental areas: economic, technical, environmental and financial. It appraise each investment project thoroughly and follows it through to completion. Its policies are established in close coordination with the Member States and the other Institutions of the European Union. It also cooperates closely with the business and banking sectors and the main international organisations in its field.

In the summer of 1997, the EIB launched a major initiative, the " Amsterdam Special Action Programme (ASAP)" aimed at stimulating job creation through investment in technologically innovative SMEs.

In June 2000, the EIB launched its Innovation 2000 Initiative to further the March 2000 Lisbon European Council's guidelines for developing a knowledge-based society driven by innovation. The "Innovation 2000 Initiative" groups together the EIB's new actions to promote information networks, human capital formation and intangible corporate investment.

Innovative SMEs willing to benefit from the EIB's programmes will have to contact directly the financial intermediaries which are selected by the EIB, or they can first seek guidance on innovation financing sources and how to prepare for them from the Gate2Growth Initiative

List of Venture Capital funds participating in the EIF's equity operations and in the ETF Facility

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