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Eurotech Capital

Eurotech Capital was launched by the European Commission as a pilot project in 1989. Its aim is to reduce the equity gap for transnational high technology projects, by supporting venture capital operators that are willing to invest in such opportunities.

By there nature, transnational high technology projects require important amounts of funding. Therefore, Eurotech Capital addresses larger funds with a minimum capital of 50 million euro. As a result, 14 venture capital operators have been selected, with a total investment capacity approaching 1 bn euro. Of this, about 200 million euro has been earmarked for transnational high technology projects.

In addition to a 4% capital contribution, participating venture capital operators have free access to Eurotech Data , an information service on technologies and technology markets.

Although most of the participating venture capital funds are by now fully invested, the network of operators is still supported. No new members are admitted, however. Some participants have recently raised new funds, which have been taken up in the European Commission's I-TEC Network of Venture Capital Operators .

Innovative SMEs willing to benefit from Eurotech Capital will have to contact directly the financial intermediaries which are selected by the European Commission or they can first seek guidance on innovation financing sources and how to prepare for them from the Gate2Growth Initiative .

List of Venture Capital funds having participated in Eurotech Capital  

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