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European Venture Capital Association (EVCA)

The European Venture Capital Association (EVCA) was formed in 1983 at the joint initiative of the industry and of DG Enterprise/D of the European Commission. Its membership has grown to over 380 European venture capital operators from more than 30 countries. DG Enterprise/D represents the European Commission at the Board of the EVCA.

Its mission is to globally promote and to facilitate European venture capital and private equity. EVCA provides information services for members and creates networking opportunities. EVCA publishes on its website a searchable directory, listing all members with their investment requirements.

The EVCA cooperated with DG Enterprise/D of the European Commission in launching as of 1990 a series of Transnational Investment Fora for innovative European companies.

EVCA has played a major role in co-ordinating a Capital Markets Working Group leading to the creation in 1994 of the European Association of Security Dealers (EASD) with the support of DG Enterprise/D and DG Enterprise of the European Commission, and the subsequent creation of new Stock Markets for High Growth, Innovative Companies, such as EASDAQ in 1996.

EVCA has published performance measurement principles which are applicable across Europe and which provide investors with comparable performance data and has, together with DG Enterprise/D of the European Commission, initiated in 1996 the regular publication of pan-European venture capital performance data.

EVCA has also run since 1993 the Central and Eastern Europe Venture Capital Programme and recently launched the NIS Venture Capital Programme under the auspices of the European Commission's Phare-Tacis programmes. These aim to support the development of venture capital in the former Soviet Union, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, the Republic of Slovenia Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Romania, by providing training courses and networking opportunities for venture capital operators.

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