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What is the FIT Policy Exchange Project?

The FIT Policy Exchange Project is an action of the INNOVATION/SMEs Programme with a view to disseminate good practice with respect to the development of durable links between Finance, Innovation and Technology.

A major obstacle to the development of an environment which favours the Financing of Innovation is the lack of common understanding and of durable links between the world of finance and the innovation and technology community.

Such links often develop as financiers, innovators and technology sources address a specific common issue. The resulting interaction, if properly managed, can contribute to increased awareness and mutual understanding between those different actors.

What is the approach of FIT?

Each specific FIT action will cover a well defined theme relevant to the Financing of Innovation and around which financiers, innovators and sources of technology can interact. Each of these themes will be addressed in different phases and will by organised to proceed according to the following:

  • Analysis and survey, uncovering experience and good practice;
  • Workshops, bringing together policy makers and relevant actors on the specific theme;
  • A structured dissemination effort, to promote the good practices identified.

The structured dissemination exercice based on the outcomes of the preliminary analysis and the workshop is at the heart of each FIT action. Several means will be implemented and they may include e.g.:

  • The organisation of national/regional information/training seminars in Member States
  • The publication/dissemination of synthesis documents, directories and case studies, in different formats (paperback, CD/ROM, web site,...)
  • The organisation of a press campaign in relevant Member States.

What FIT actions are planned?

Currently, the FIT actions focus on the following themes around which financiers, innovators and sources of technology can interact:

  • Guarantee mechanims and their role in the financing of innovative companies;
  • The use of technology rating, technology appraisal and technology evaluation methods and/or systems in financial decision making;
  • Informal investors: their role in financing innovation, networks and national specifity.
  • The development and implementation of European entrepreneurship training curriculums;
  • Spin-off and spin-out of exploitable RTD results and the role of "micro-financing";
  • Development of networks of expertise in financing innovation and company start-up.

Who can participate in FIT actions?

The format of the FIT action is to be interactive, with a systematic exchange of good practice in the innovation financing between the different participants. For each theme, FIT seeks active participation from:

  • Relevant national and regional policy makers
  • Actors in the field, notably investors, financiers and entrepreneurs involved in the particular theme
  • Potential participants in pilot projects related to the particular theme

How to participate in FIT actions?

The precise calendar of the workshops and dissemination activities is announced in the Gate2Growth Website.

Whenever new themes are launched under the FIT project, a call for tender will be published in the Official Journal.

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