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The Gate2Growth Initiative: access to private innovation financing and tools for better knowledge exploitation
The Gate2Growth Initiative is part of the Innovation/SMEs Programme action line "access to private innovation financing and tools for better knowledge exploitation", managed by the Innovation Policy Unit of DG Enterprise.

The Gate2Growth Initiative incorporates the lessons learned from and consolidates the worthwhile elements from the following pre-cursor pilot projects:

  • the I-TEC pilot project, launched 1997 in co-operation with the European Investment Fund
  • the LIFT helpdesk, launched in 1998
  • the FIT exchange projects on technology incubation, entrepreneurship training, informal investors, guarantee mechanisms, technology rating and finance academia

The ultimate objective of the Gate2Growth Initiative is to support the innovative entrepreneurs in Europe.

In addition, the initiative focuses on helping important support players to improve their capacity to assist entrepreneurs by networking and exchanging experience and good practice at European level. These include early stage technology venture capital investors, managers of technology incubators, managers of industrial liaison and technology transfer offices linked to universities and research centers, academics in entrepreneurship, finance research and teaching.

Gate2Growth thus provides tools, infrastructure and support services directed to innovative entrepreneurs as well as to their supporters.

For technology entrepreneurs and participants in Community funded RTD, a one-stop-shop for the technology entrepreneur, giving access to:

  • Business plan preparation tool package
  • Business plan diagnostic
  • discussion forums
  • Industry news and events
  • Investor identification and matching tool
  • Service provider directory
  • Seminars and workshops
  • Peer group and entrepreneur clubs
  • Access to a network of local intermediaries

For innovation professionals and intermediaries
in particular Incubator Managers, ILO and IPR Managers, Early Stage Technology Venture Capital Investors

Good practice

  • Good practice repository on with guides, standard texts, etc.
  • semestrial workshops for incubator, ILO and investment managers

Professional development

  • Industry training voucher
  • Pan-European secondment programme
  • High tech cluster visits (including USA)
  • Access to experts, trainers and speakers (including USA)
  • Industry conference access

Community and networking

  • I-TecNet : pan-European network of 70 early stage technology venture capital investors
  • G2G Incubator Forum : pan-European network of 150 technology incubators
  • ProTon Europe : pan-European network of 250 ILO managers
  • G2G Finance Academia : pan-European network of academics and entrepreneurship trainers
  • Annual Gate2Growth partnering event
  • thematic homepage

Tools and Resources

  • Investor and technology matching service
  • Online membership and compentence directory
  • A support package for entrepreneurship training providers
  • A support package for Business Plan Contest Organisers
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