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Gate2Growth Incubator Forum
for early stage technology venture capital investors

What is the Gate2Growth Incubator Forum?

The Gate2Growth Incubator Forum is a pan-European network of professional managers of technology incubators and incubators linked to research institutes and universities. It is supported by the European Commission as part of its Gate2Growth Initiative .

What does the Gate2Growth Incubator Forum aim for?

The ultimate objective of the Gate2Growth Incubator Forum is to increase the capacity of European incubators and business support services to nurture innovative companies by further developing the professional skills of those working in this field and by the exchange of experience and good practice at European level.

How may the Gate2Growth Incubator Forum address this?

  • good practice workshops with incubator managers from across the continent
  • sponsor industry event participation
  • high tech cluster visits
  • sponsor junior staff to attend short courses at European business schools and universities
  • junior staff secondment programme
  • label of excellence for outstanding professional incubator management

What may be the benefits of belonging to the Gate2Growth service provider's community?

  • pan-European searchable directory of experts and business support service providers allowing entrepreneurs and investors to rapidly identify your organisation and its offerings
  • access to Eurotech Data , a specialized information service
  • industry news and events services
  • press release service, allowing a targeted distribution of own news stories
  • market intelligence, industry reports and statistics
  • interactive expert discussion forums
  • promotion and networking opportunities in workshops, seminars, conferences and partnering events organised across Europe in the context of the Gate2Growth Initiative

Membership criteria

Application for Full Membership may be open to professional, dedicated incubator and business support organisations, based in the EU or any of the Associated States, with:

  • its own operational budget
  • be in existence for less than two years, or have adopted and accompanied less than 20 start-up and/or spin-off projects since inception
  • an operation linked to higher education or research institutes
  • its statute including spin-offs from universities and research as one of the main target groups
  • a 50% focus on early stage technology defined as companies that : (1) are less than 6 years old; (2) have fewer than 25 employees at the time of acceptance; (3) are independent; (4) show demonstrable evidence of innovation through patents, RTD awards, national schemes or equivalent
  • a geographic focus on the EU and/or Associated States

Associate Membership may be open to older and larger incubation structures, as long as they otherwise fulfil the criteria for Full Membership as described above. After three years, Full Members would normally expect to transfer to Associate Member status.

The membership criteria may be regularly adapted in view of prevailing market conditions.

Contact for more information

The Gate2Growth Incubator Forum home page contains all relevant information and can be found on the Gate2Growth Initiative website:

The Gate2Growth Incubator Forum is co-ordinated on behalf of the European Commission by Inno A.G. and the Karlsruher Existenzgruendungs-Impuls e.V

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