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ProTon Europe
Public Research Organisations' Technology Offices Network

What is ProTon Europe?

ProTon Europe is a pan-European network of Technology Offices linked to Public Research Organisations and Universities. It is supported by the European Commission as part of its Gate2Growth Initiative .

A significant amount of world-class research is undertaken in universities and research institutions in Europe, which has actual or potential commercial relevance. To capitalise fully on the potential of these public research organizations ("PRO"), it is essential that commercialisation becomes an integral part of the research process and alternative approaches to the ownership and exploitation of intellectual property rights ("IPR") are suitably explored.

The interface between PROs and industry is tended by technology interface structures of various natures referred to in many countries as "Transfer Office" (TO).

What does ProTon Europe aim for?

The ultimate objective of ProTon Europe is to boost the commercial uptake of publicly funded R&D throughout Europe by further developing the professional skills of those working in this field. This should further contribute to the creation of new products, processes and markets, improve the management of innovation and thereby stimulate sustainable and high value economic growth, competitiveness and employment.

How will ProTon Europe address this?

benchmarking technology commercialisation activities across Europe
collecting and disseminating good practice in managing and commercialising IPR
exploring different routes to commercialise university-developed technology
identifying methodologies for enhancing cooperation with industry
promoting the uptake of spin-off schemes
raising awareness among university and research center R&D staff to the benefits of the exploitation route
identifying the skills and training needs for a more dynamic TO profession, and designing/delivering solutions
exploring effective tools for transferring marketable technology to industry
monitoring European trends and developments in the area of research-industry transfer

  • giving a stronger European identity to the TO profession at national and European level.

Founding members

ProTon Europe aims to build up a membership of at least 250 PROs throughout Europe. Its founding members include:

KU Leuven R&D
Eur. Ass. of Research Managers and Administrators
European Ass. for the Transfer of Technologies, Innovation and Industrial Information
University of Sheffield
Université Catholique de Louvain
Deutsches Krebsforschungszentrum ("DKFZ")
ECIU/University of Twente
University of Warwick
Ass. for University Research and Industry Links
University of Nottingham
University of Sunderland and University of Essex
University of Bonn
University of Amsterdam
Universidad Politecnica de Valencia

Contact for more information

The ProTon Europe home page contains all relevant information and can be found on the Gate2Growth Initiative website:

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