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Investor Identification and Guidance - investor matching

The Gate2Growth Initiative has gathered a number of highly useful tools and networks to help innovative entrepreneurs identify and approach investors. For example, but not exclusively, investors that are part of I-TecNet .

I-TecNet is a pan-European network of early stage technology venture capital investors. Thanks to I-TecNet , entrepreneurs can access a network of capable venture capital investors, interested in business projects with a high degree of innovation in technology, product, service or process and which exhibit a potential for high growth and new job creation.

The venture capital operators which are taking part in I-TecNet are devoting their funds to early stage investment in technologically innovative companies.

What is venture capital?

Venture capital is one of the most relevant sources of finance for innovative growth companies to fund their investments. Venture capital consists of funds raised on the capital market by specialised operators. Venture capitalists buy shares or convertible bonds in the company. They do not invest in order to receive an immediate dividend, but to allow the company to expand and ultimately increase the value of their investment. Hence, they are interested in innovative companies with very rapid growth rates.

How can entrepreneurs approach venture capital operators?

The first essential is to set out a convincing case for financing. Before contacting any venture capital operator, entrepreneurs should draw up a clear and solid business plan, and inform themselves of the precise nature of venture capital and other types of financing.

The business plan is a detailed statement of where the company is today and of its strategy for the future. It must explain why the business will be successful and convey what is unique about it. It should examine in the minutest detail the basic assumptions of the business, in order to clarify management thinking and to establish milestones for future development.

The business plan must demonstrate in a rigorous manner the commercial viability of the proposed venture and its high growth potential. It should cover all aspects of the business: from its marketing strategy, its competitors and its potential customers, to the management and finances of the business, and its forecast annual sales and targets. Typically, the plan will cover a five-year planning horizon.

The Gate2Growth Initiative offers a range of tools for entrepreneurs to develop their business plan. Experts are available to provide feedback and help improve the business plan before approaching investors.

How to contact venture capital investors?

The Gate2Growth Initiative operates an interactive contact and matching service for entrepreneurs with expert guidance for the approach.

  • the Dataroom

    The online Dataroom, with an open and a protected area, can be used as a shared work space for the entire entrepreneurial team while developing the business plan and other relevant material for potential investors.

    The online Dataroom facilities are also a display window for the new business idea to potential investors, presenting the essence of the business plan in an appealing and inviting way. The entrepreneur is in charge of the process, deciding which information investors are allowed to view.

  • business plan diagnostic

    A professional and independent feedback on the completeness and investor-readiness of the business plan and advice on how to improve it, by experienced investment managers

  • investor identification, matching and guidance

    Identification of the most appropriate potential investors, based on the largest database of investment profiles in Europe as well as on personal access to relevant investor networks. investment experts help prepare investor meetings and negotiations thoroughly.

The ultimate objective of the Gate2Growth Initiative is to support innovative entrepreneurs in Europe.

Its tools, infrastructure and support services for investor identification and guidance aim to create added value for Europe's entrepreneurs by reducing the time-to-investment:

  • increasing the chances for the entrepreneurial team to get to the market in time
  • saving resources and costs in the investor search process
  • releasing management time to concentrate on actually growing the business

This is achieved in the 'system' through a combination of:

  • Internet based entrepreneur support
  • Face-to-face entrepreneur support
  • Internet based Investor services
  • Investor identification services
  • Ongoing market intelligence
  • Partnerships and networks throughout Europe

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