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Business Planning Tools

The Gate2Growth Initiative has gathered a number of highly useful online business planning tools for the innovative entrepreneur.

Online Tutorials

For orientation, the toolbox contains an online tutorial ' guide2financing ' which outlines what different sources of finance exist, what the expected investment criteria are and how to approach these. Finance sources covered include venture capital, business angels, commercial banks, stock markets, etc. An online ' Glossary of Financial Terms ' completes this section.

Downloadable Tools

For actually getting down to work, downloadable business planning tools are provided which include:

  • The Gate2Growth Guide to Business Plan Writing , a practical, step-by-step business plan outline
  • The Gate2Growth Guide to Financial Calculations , explaining how investors look at financials
  • The Gate2Growth Budgeting Module , a set of practical spread-sheets for different business plan scenarios
  • The Guide to Financing Innovation , outlining the funding process

Case studies of technology business plans in different industries and examples of recently funded companies complete the set of tools, together with:

  • a Directory of Public Support Schemes
  • Further Readings and Articles
  • useful Links

Interactive Tools

The interactive Business Plan Company Profile module, which guides the entrepreneur through a set of questions, allows to develop a complete picture of the business project and its prospects. The Business Plan Company Profile can be printed or listed in a data-room by the entrepreneur as a 3 page presentation template, containing all the information investors are interested in.

The Guide to Gate2Growth Business Plan Diagnostic Services , introduces one of the most valuable interactive services for entrepreneurs available : a detailed feedback from an investment expert on his business plan and its investor-readiness.

The Service center allows to identify rapidly the most appropriate and nearby business support service providers.

Access to investment expertise

The investment experts are available to registered entrepreneurs throughout the business planning process by telephone, e-mail or through the online discussion forums , covering a host of business planning topics. In addition, workshops and seminars are scheduled throughout Europe, where entrepreneurs can meet and discuss with investment experts.

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