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List of I-TEC Portfolio Companies

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Portfolio company I-TEC Member Description of the company invested in
Axon Neuroscience Forschungs Und Entwicklungs GmbH Horizonte Venture Management Axon is a biotechnology company engaged in discovery and development of novel drugs and diagnostics for the Alzheimer's disease, advanced drug delivery system for central nervous system (CNS) diseases and therapeutics sera for rabies. The company's primary technology focus is on monoclonal antibodies and DNA-based products.
CELLCAT GmbH Horizonte Venture Management The company, Bioconsult GmbH was established in 1994 as a development and consulting company in Hallein, Austria. A new additive was developed for the paper manufacturing industry which is water insoluble and has a long lasting cationic charge. Such additives are maintaining the electrostatic charge in the fibre/filler mixture, collecting impurities and help with better paper body formation. When the product proved itself as a potential problem solver for the paper manufacturing industry it was patented under the name of CELLCAT and in 1996 a new company, CELLCAT GmbH, was formed to commercialise it.
Efficient Marketing GmbH Horizonte Venture Management Efficient Marketing GmbH is an Austrian company located in Vienna which specialises in category management -and marketing- related software solutions. The company's product called Concept II is initially intended for use in the retail industry. Successful installations include BML (Billa) Rewe, Migros. Applications also include manufacturing and distribution operations, particularly in situations where trade promotions (price reductions, discounts) take place.
IGENEON GmbH Horizonte Venture Management Biotechnology company, immune therapy of cancer
Mediphore Biotechnologie AG Horizonte Venture Management The infection of bone and bone marrow is a major problem in orthopaedic surgery. MB AG has developed a highly specific drug delivery system to allow the gradual release of high quantities of the effective antibiotic Vancomycin and Tobramycin inside of allograft and xenograft bone at the side of the bone infection. These products will be manufactured and sold by Mediphore. The company has a number of products in the development pipeline to apply adaptations of its drug delivery system to brain tumors or to transport bone growth hormone to bone defects.
Skyway Holding GmbH Horizonte Venture Management Skyway Holding GmbH is an Austrian company which provides international telephone calling services to distributors/sellers and end-users world-wide.
Ulrich Electronic GmbH Horizonte Venture Management Ulrich Electronic GmbH developed and sells ClearJet printer which allow to erase print on the surface of chip cards and to print new information in particular also one which is stored on the chip card itself; Cards can thus be reused many time giving rise to significant cost savings. Applications are e.g. access cards at ski resorts, fare cards for public transportation systems, university students cards, etc...
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