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The Phare - Tacis Programmes

The Phare Programme is a European Union initiative which supports the development of a larger democratic family of nations within a prosperous and stable Europe. Phare does this by providing grant finance to support its partner countries in central and eastern Europe through the process of economic transformation and strengthening of democracy to the stage where they are ready to assume the obligations of membership of the European Union. Between 1990 and 1996 Phare made available Euro 6,263 million to 13 partner countries providing know-how and investment support.

The Tacis Programme is a European Union initiative for the New Independent States and Mongolia which fosters the development of harmonious and prosperous economic and political links between the European Union and these partner countries. Tacis does this by providing grant finance for know-how to support the process of transformation to market economies and democratic societies. Between 1991 and 1996 Tacis has committed Euro 2,807 million to provide know-how and to cultivate links and relationships between organisations in partner countries and the European Union.

The programmes currently covers the following countries:

Central and Eastern European Countries (Phare):

Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Estonia, FYROM, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia

New Independent States and Mongolia (Tacis):

Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Moldova, Mongolia, Russian Federation, Ukraine, Uzbekistan.

Several European Commission initiatives relevant to Financing Innovation have been financed under the Phare - Tacis Programmes, such as: the Joint Venture Programme (JOP), the Central and Eastern Europe Venture Capital Programme and the recently launched NIS Venture Capital Programme, both managed on behalf of the European Commisison by the European Venture Capital Association (EVCA).


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