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Food quality and safety
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This site is directed to all those with an interest in EU-funded research and activities in the Food priority area, in particular those wishing to participate. The key document for would-be participants is the Work programme .

Associated Candidate Countries - ACC

Support offered for the integration of Candidate Countries organisations in the Food priority research activities

Within FP6, the European Commission offers Specific Support Actions tailored to stimulate the participation of Candidate Countries in the European research programmes. In addition specific local structures (called NCPs : National Contact Points) are available to scientists providing personalised support.

FP6 encourages closer links between researchers, pooling of resources, and collaboration among different countries, essential if the Union and Candidate Countries are to compete both scientifically and economically in the global market place.

To encourage the participation of Candidate Countries the Commission has drawn an Action Plan: Specific Support Actions (SSAs) are among the key instruments recommended in this Action Plan .

SSAs are intended to complement the other instruments in the implementation of FP6. They aim to contribute actively to the implementation of activities of the FP, the analysis and dissemination of the results or the preparation of future activities, with a view to enabling the Community to achieve or define its RTD strategic objectives. SSAs for Candidate Countries are expected, in particular, to stimulate, encourage and facilitate the participation of organisations from Candidate Countries. They cover, for instance:

  • Conferences in Candidate Countries
  • Brokerage events and seminars

where researchers from Candidate Countries can meet other researchers and scientists from the same sector from other Candidate Countries and from Member States with a view to participating particularly in proposals for integrated projects and networks of excellence.

To find more about SSA please visit:

By the second year of the programme already three openings had been offered for SSAs devoted to Candidate Countries:

  • 5 Contracts has been signed (56 participants, and 3.14 Mio Euros) under the "Food quality and safety" area. Look at these SSAs in detail
  • 3 Contracts, still under negotiation, with 44 participants and 0.92 Mio Euros of budget, specifically for SSAs for ACC in "Food quality and safety" area
  • 27 Contracts still under negotiation, devoted to horizontal issues and in which Food issues might only be a component. (8.96 Mio Euros of which 0.6 from TP 5)

In addition, to assist researchers throughout the EU and in particular in Candidate Countries, specific information and assistance structures, including the network of National Contact Points (NCPs), have been established.

The network of NCPs is the main structure to provide guidance, practical information and assistance on all aspects of participation in FP6. NCPs give personalised support on the spot and in proposers' own languages.

The NCP systems in the different countries show a wide variety of architectures, from highly centralised to decentralised networks, and a number of very different actors, from ministries to universities, research centres and special agencies to private consulting companies. This reflects the different national traditions, working methodologies, research landscapes and funding schemes.

To find your national contact point, please visit: /fp6/ncp.htm

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