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These web pages are updated by the unit "Economic and prospective analysis" of Directorate-General for Research of the European Commission.

NEW: Missions and activities of the S&T Foresight unit (leaflet)" - 06.06.06 ( PDF - 96 KB)

Address: European Commission - Research DG
Unit C4 "Economic and prospective analysis"
Directorate C "European Research Area: Knowledge-based economy"
SDME - 9/03
B-1049 Brussels
Offices: Square de Meeûs, 8
B-1050 Brussels
Contacts: For general information about our unit, please contact:
(email removed)

For more specific information, please contact:

Head of unit:
Overall coordination of S&T Foresight and impact
assessment in FP7

Ugur Muldur
Information and Communication of Foresight activities,
Editor of the newsletter "Foresighting Europe"
Relation with STOA (EP)
Marie-Christine Brichard
Economic analysis
Impact assessment
Fabienne Corvers
Economic analysis
Impact assessment
Henri Delanghe
Economic analysis
Impact assessment
Jim Dratwa
Key Actors in Research systems
Societal change and issues
Agriculture Foresight (SCAR project), converging technologies
Social sciences and humanities
Elie Faroult
Mutual learning and cooperation,
Mutual Learning on Foresight
Carmen Marcus
Mutual learning and cooperation,
Monitoring of Foresight activities
Information and communication technologies and issues
New emerging issues of S&T
Belmiro Martins
Economic analysis
Impact assessment
Brian Sloan
The Future of S&T cooperation with 3rd countries,
Relation with Foresight national managers
Socio-economic analysis and policy issues
Johan Stierna
Industry S&T specialisation
Foresight in the Nordic countries,
S&T Foresight at the regional level
Christian Svanfeldt

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