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Knowledge Sharing Platform

The main idea behind the setting up of a European S&T Foresight Knowledge Sharing Platform is the diffusion and exploitation of the information on useful results from forward-looking activities. These Foresight activities aiming at informing policy-makers dealing with research and innovation are carried out at all levels in Europe.

A real need for a Foresight sharing platform

On the basis of the previous activities carried out in 2001-2003 to stimulate the creation of a European area for Foresight and in particular the advice provided by the High Level Expert Groups, the Science and Technology Foresight unit of DG Research is setting up a "European Science and Technology Foresight Knowledge Sharing Platform". The aim is to develop a coherent supportive framework at the European level to ensure systematic use and optimum benefit of Foresight, and to identify and mobilise all relevant actors (at every governance level) to enable EU-wide networking and capacity building. It will moreover support the self-organisation process of the "Foresight Community" through knowledge sharing activities and events.

The platform is structured in three different layers of activities that are implemented through a series of 11 contracts and experts groups: