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Monitoring Foresight activities in Europe and fostering their European dimension

The first layer of activity consists in monitoring Foresight developments that have implications for European decision making. Following a call for tender, an important contract has been attributed for this work to the Institute for Strategy, Technology and Policy (TNO-STB) working with 10 partners: PREST (UK) ; VDI (DE) ; ARCS (AU) ; FhG-ISI (DE) ; MCST (MT); TCP (CZ); Atlantis (EL); LL&A (FR) ; DIALOGIK (DE) and CKA (BE) .

This contract is the main pillar of the European Science and Technology Foresight Knowledge Sharing Platform. It aims at providing a service to those responsible for the definition and implementation of research and innovation policies at various levels through the permanent collection of information and preparation of analyses and syntheses about ongoing activities in the areas of science and technology Foresight.

The objective of this project is to report on Foresight activities inside and outside Europe, at national, regional, international as well as inter-sectoral levels and to disseminate the related information to the Foresight community (practitioners, users and stakeholders) as well as policy-makers.

A series of 40 brief overviews should be produced annually on thematic Foresight results and on selected non-European Foresight activities, as well as on European Foresight activities.

The work will enable a rapid overview of Foresight activities and relative assessments, resulting in the production of an annual Map of Foresight activities at country level. It will also result in the identification of relevant key emerging issues for science and technology policies highlighted in Foresight activities at national or regional level in European countries that need to be reviewed under their potential for EU policies, in particular EU research and innovation policy. An annual report including the workshop proceedings on S&T issues of EU relevance is to be produced.

The web site of the European Foresight Monitoring Network, is already providing a first set of Foresight Briefs and information on hundreds of Foresight initiatives and documents, particularly in Europe. It is being further upgraded with more usable information on mapping and analysis.