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One of the missions of the Science and Technology Foresight Unit of DG RTD is to exploit foresight knowledge produced in Europe and elsewhere in order to inform European research policy developments. This series of Foresight Working Papers , reflecting the think-tank activity of the Unit, is aiming to stimulate discussion among policy-makers at all levels and the foresight research community at large.

"Deliberating Foresight-Knowledge for Policy and Foresight - Knowledge Assessment"
By René Von Schomberg, Ângela Guimarães Pereira and Silvio Funtowicz, October 2005
PDF - 331 KB

This working paper gives an overview of the way foresight knowledge concerning scientific and technological developments is deliberated in policy. It offers also an approach to assess the quality of foresight-knowledge. The paper makes a case for deliberative procedures in the science policy interface in order to ensure an adequately balanced knowledge input.

"Future of Creative Industries - Implications for Research Policy"
By Carmen Marcus, April 2005.
PDF - 520 KB

Lying at the crossroads between the arts, business and technology, the creative industries sector comprises a large variety of creative fields, from those heavily industrialized such as advertising and marketing, broadcasting, film industries, Internet and mobile content industry, etc. to those less industrialized, like the traditional fields of visual and performing arts. The sector is increasingly important from the economic point of view representing already a leading area of the economy in the OECD countries, with significant values of annual growth rates. This Working Paper identifies possible research needs for the sector based on current policy challenges.

"Scenarios for the Future of European Research and Innovation Policy - Proceedings of a STRATA/Foresight Workshop, 9-10 December 2003"
September 2004
PDF - 880 KB

Experts who participated in STRATA projects under the 5th FP were invited to discuss four secenarios on the prospective agenda of European Research and Innovation policy. An introductory lecture from Ruud Smits set the schene for the workshop discussions. The collaborative outcome of this workshop is meant to contribute to further discussion on the science-policy interface conerning European Research and Innovation policy.

"Corporate Foresight in Europe: a first overview"
By Patrick Becker (October 2002).
PDF - 1.03 MB

The unit "Foresight" of the Commission's Research Directorate is also interested in the current foresight practices of the business sector, its forms and functions, its main topics and issues and its practical problems and potentials. During the training period with this unit in 2002, Patrick Becker took this challege. He carried out interviews with companies in various sectors ranging from high-technology industry, consumer goods and services. In his report he atempts a classification of the observed organisation of the business foresight. A workshop organised in November 2002, with the participation of business foresight practitioners, confirmed the overall findings of the report.

"European perspectives on Science and Technology Policy - preliminary outcomes from policy research and debates"
Generated by the STRATA projects, 1999-2002
PDF - 1.04 MB

The emerging challenges that Science & Technology policies are facing - or will have to face in the near future - show that our society is changing, as well as our ability to manage sensitive issues. European policies need to respond to these emerging challenges by developing new effective mechanisms and processes to better incorporate scientific advice within the decision-making system. This Working Document from the European Commission services (Research Directorate-General/K-2) aims at highlighting some key preliminary results that stem out of the STRATA projects running during the period 1999-2002 as well as of the papers presented and the discussions held during the "consolidating" workshop of 22-23 April 2002.

""The objective of Sustainable Development: are we coming closer?"
By René Von Schomberg.
PDF - 112 KB

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This Foresight paper makes the case for an international "third" arena for long-term policy planning in order to allow for regulatory mechanisms beyond national planning and global market regulation. The paper proposes a research agenda to underpin the emergence of such an arena.