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FISA-2003 / EU Research in Reactor Safety

Date: 10.11.2003 - 13.11.2003

Title: FISA-2003 / EU Research in Reactor Safety

Place: EC Luxembourg


Since the Three Mile Island accident in the United States in 1979, regulatory authorities and electricity utilities have embarked on a wide-ranging review of nuclear plant performance and safety requirements. With an experience of approximately 10 000 reactor-years - the operating history of nuclear plants worldwide - scientists and engineers have learned much about how to run them safely. If the nuclear option is to continue to grow, though, the public, interest groups, governments and financial authorities have to be convinced that they are safer than before.

The European Union has played its role in this international safety improvement effort with a series of nuclear fission safety programmes. An average of 300 participants attended the previous FISA conferences in Luxembourg (FISA-95, FISA-97, FISA-99 and FISA-2001). The results of the EC co-sponsored RTD projects as well as issues of common interest for the reactor safety community were presented and discussed. Safety, performance and innovation are the keywords of the research co-sponsored by the EC and presented at FISA, each main actor obviously having its own priorities, namely: safety for the regulators; safety and performance for the electrical utilities; safety, performance and innovation for the vendors.

Aim of the conference / conclusions of FP5:

The purpose of FISA-2003 is to offer a comprehensive overview of the conclusions of the current FP5 (1998-2002) projects being conducted in the area of " operational safety of existing installations ". The emphasis will be on the applications of phenomenological research to plant life management and accident mitigation techniques, for present as well as future generation reactors. In addition to the presentations by the project co-ordinators, a series of invited lectures of general interest will be delivered addressing issues of common interest and prospects for future research in reactor safety. Of course, the objectives of the first activities conducted under FP-6 (2002-2006) will also be discussed, as well as proposals for future networks of excellence or integrated projects. A series of post-FISA workshops will also be organised to address networking activities aimed at strengthening the cooperation within the international reactor safety research community.

Conference Programme (invited lectures and presentation of the FP5 projects):

  • plant life extension and management (PLEM cluster): integrity of equipment and structure; on-line monitoring; organisation of safety
  • severe accident management (SAM cluster): assessment of severe accident risk (phenomenology); severe accident measures (implementation)
  • evolutionary concepts (EVOL cluster): passive decay heat removal systems; high burn-up and MOX fuel

Additional information:

Registration forms and more information will be available at the homepage /fp5-euratom/src/events.htm or at the scientific secretary's office:
Email: (email removed)
European Commission
DG Research J-4
Building MO75 -5-27
Rue de la Loi 200
B-1049 Brussels / Belgium

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