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The Fifth Framework Programme focuses on Community Activities in the field of research, technological development and demonstration (RTD) for the period 1998 to 2002


Part 1

Second Edition 15.12.1999

This second edition introduces no substantial changes concerning the informations given to proposers in the March 1999 edition. Improvements are the results of experience with the use of the March 1999 edition.


NB: In section II, the INCO programme is given as example.


Section I: The Fifth Framework Programme
I.1. Objectives

I.2. Structure and contents
I.3. Implementation

BOX 1 - Bursaries for Young Researchers from Developing Countries

BOX 2 – The System of Marie Curie Fellowships

Section II for INCO2: Confirming the International Role of Community Research
II.1. Programme objectives

II.2. Programme strategy
II.3. Programme structure and content
II.4. Synergies with other programmes
II.5. Implementation of the programme
Table A – Groups of target countries
Table B - Specific conditions to the INCO Programme

Section III: Participation in activities of the Fifth Framework Programme
III.1. The participants
III.2. Proposal submission
III.3. Proposal evaluation
III.4. Proposal selection
III.5. The contract
III.6. Project follow-up
III.7. Financial contribution of the Community
III.8 Assistance available to proposers

BOX 3 - Co-operation with non-EU Countries and International Organisations

BOX 4 - Participation from non-EU countries in FP5

BOX 5 - Main milestones of the selection process

BOX 6 – Indicative Typology of Contracts

BOX 7 - Methods for the calculation of EC funding

BOX 8 - Intellectual Property Rights

BOX 9 - Key recommendations

Notes PART 1



The Guide for Proposers is part of the information necessary to make a proposal for a programme under the Fifth Framework Programme. It will help you to locate the programme which is of interest to you and will provide the necessary guidance on how to submit a proposal and the forms for proposal submission. It is divided into two main parts and four sections.


Section I describes the overall priorities, goals and structures of the Fifth Framework Programme.

Section II describes the priorities and objectives of the Specific Programme on {Name of Programme}.

Section III outlines the main rules, which define who may participate in the Fifth Framework Programme, and the general conditions for this participation.


Section IV provides detailed information for each call for proposals for the programme {Name of Programme} , as well as proposal submission forms.

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The additional documents you will need to prepare a proposal are:

The Work Programme for the Specific Programme for which you are applying. The Work Programme provides the description of the content of the 'action lines' or 'research objectives', which are open for proposals, and an indicative timetable for programme implementation ("roadmap").

The Call for Proposals as published in the Official Journal of the European Communities. This will tell you which 'action lines' or 'research objectives' are open for proposals and what the deadline for the proposal submission is.

The Evaluation Manual (as well as programme specific guidelines that may be included in Part 2 of this Guide). These documents provide details of which criteria will be used in the evaluation of proposals, which weight is attributed to each of the criteria and where appropriate the threshold to be attained in order to be retained. You can use the Evaluation Manual and the guidelines as a checklist to ensure the completeness of your proposal.

The Guide for Proposers, including the proposal submissions forms, is together with the Work Programme, the Call for Proposals and the Evaluation Manual the Information Package for a Call. This Guide also contains references to other documents, reports, forms and software tools which are of assistance in the preparation of proposals (they are available on Cordis,

This Guide for Proposers does not supersede the rules and conditions laid out, in particular, in the Council and Parliament Decisions relevant to the Fifth Framework Programme, the various Specific Programmes nor the Calls for Proposals of these Programmes.

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