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- Model contract -

Thematic Networks

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Thematic Networks

Article 1 - Scope
Article 2 - Duration
Article 3 - Estimated costs and maximum financial contribution of the Community
Article 4 - Project deliverables and summary statements of amounts transferred by the coordinator to be submitted to the Commission
Article 5 - Applicable law and jurisdiction
Article 6 - Special conditions
Article 7 - Amendments
Article 8 - Final provisions
Article 9 - Signature and language of the contract

ANNEX I : Indicative breakdown of estimated eligible costs

Part A: Implementation of the project

Article1 - Definitions
Article2 - Management of the project and role of the coordinator
Article3 - The Community's financial contribution

Article4 - Submission of project deliverables and of summary statements of amounts transferred by the coordinator
Article5 - Membership agreements
Article6 - Subcontracts
Article7 - Liability
Article8 - Termination of the contract and of the participation of a principal contractor or of a member

PartB: Rules relating to intellectual and industrial property, publicity and confidentiality

Article9 - Ownership of knowledge
Article10 - Protection of knowledge
Article11 - Making available knowledge not resulting from the project and pre-existing know-how
Article12 - Dissemination of knowledge
Article13 - Publicity and communications concerning the project and knowledge resulting from the project
Article 14 - Confidentiality
Article 15 - Communication of data for evaluation and standardisation purposes
Article 16 - Incompatible or restrictive commitments

Part C: Reimbursement of costs
Article17 Eligible costs - general principles
Article18 Direct costs
Article19 Indirect costs
Article20 Justification of costs

Part D: Auditing
Article21 Financial audit
Article22 Technical verification of the project

Part E-1 : Cost statement summary
Cost statement : Details by Category

Part E-2/A: Model integrated cost statement to be submitted by the coordinator

Part E-2/B : Model integrated cost statement to be submitted by each principal contractor

Part E-3: Model summary statement of amounts transferred by the coordinator

Part F: Model membership contracts
Model membership agreement (Several members)
Model membership agreement (One member)


Part E-1


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for the period from __________to ___________
Project: Title
Contract No:
Name of principal contractor :/ member 1
Currency (euro/national currency) of the account 3 :

(period covered by report No__ )

Exchange/conversion rate used for conversion in euro 2 :

Contact person for this cost statement 4 :
E-mail address:


Categories of eligible costs
Amount for the period 4

Euro 1

Currency 1

Direct Costs
. .
1. Personnel . . . . . .. . .
2. Subcontracting . . . . . .. . .
3. Travel and subsistence

. . . . . .

4. Computing . . . . . .. . .
5. Other specific costs . . . . . .. . .
. .
Indirect Costs
. .


Overheads . . . . . . .


Adjustments to costspreviously reported 6
. .
. .

% 7 Community financial contribution : ____________

. .
Principal Contractor/member 's certificate

We certify that
- the above costs are derived from the resources employed which were necessary for the work under the contract,
- such costs have been incurred and fall within the definition of eligible costs specified in the contract,
- any necessary permissions of the Commission have been obtained, and
- full supporting documentation to justify the costs hereby declared, including time sheets as referred to in Article 18(1)(a), subparagraph 3, of Annex II to the contract, is available for audit by the Commission and its authorised representatives or the Court of Auditors and reflects the costs actually incurred.

We certify that any necessary adjustments, for any reason, to costs reported in previous cost statements have been incorporated in the above statement 6 .



Name of person in charge of the work :

Name of duly authorised responsible Financial Officer:

Signature of person in charge of the work :

Signature of duly authorised responsible Financial Officer:

1. Delete as necessary.
2. The cost statement must be drawn up in euro and in the currency used in the accounting of the principalcontractor/member.
Except where a special condition applies, the exchange/conversion rate is that indicated in Article 4(2)(a) of Annex II to the contract. See website
3. One of the persons whose signatures must appear on this form.
4. Net amounts only. Do not include amounts of any indirect taxes, sales taxes or customs duties. Separate details are required for some of the categories specified in the pages which follow.
5. Not applicable for the first cost statement. Any necessary adjustments, for example to reflect actual costs instead of budgeted costs, must be made in subsequent statements. Details and reasons for any adjustments must be provided.
6. Insert the percentage of the Community's financial contribution. See Article 3(2) of the contract.
7. The person in charge of the work and the duly authorised responsible Financial Officer of the principal contractor/member must sign the certificate.