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Monitoring, Evaluation & Assessment Activities

European RTD Evaluation Network Activities

I. Aim

The Network, established in 1997, aims at enhancing co-operation between the national RTD evaluation units/agencies or agencies concerned with evaluation and the relevant Commission Services. The Network will be a forum of discussion and analysis of good practice in evaluation methodology, use of indicators and measurement of impact of research results. Attention will be focused, mainly, on publicly funded RTD, but experience and know-how from industry will also be discussed.

II. Composition

The Network is comprised of experts / officials from national units / agencies concerned with RTD evaluation. It can be extended, when the need arises and depending on the items for discussion, to include experts from academia, industry and experts from non-member states. Membership will not be permanent but a degree of continuity is warranted.

III. Work Methodology

The topics for discussion and analysis are decided based on the principle of European Added Value with emphasis on programme level evaluation.

The Network meets twice a year in the Member State holding the EU Presidency.

The Network members propose items for discussion, which will be included in the agenda following consultation with the Network participants.

The activities are chosen in particular if:

  • they are concerned with improvements on existing evaluation methodology or the development of a new one

  • they demonstrate the appropriate use of established or new indicators necessary for RTD evaluations

  • they demonstrate the impact of evaluation in the way the results have been exploited by the scientific community, the programme managers and the decision makers

  • they are concerned with the wider policy or intellectual context of evaluation; and if:

  • they demonstrate elements of particular interest for the Union, i.e. RTD impact measurement techniques on key areas such as employment, competitiveness, environment, etc.

The Network can discuss the demand and supply of training needs in the Member States and provide information for the efficient use of training opportunities available in the field of RTD evaluation.

The Network can become the “connective tissue” between national activities and EC activities in areas related to evaluation (technology assessment, etc…). The underlying principle is to avoid duplication and ensure the absorption of suitable techniques and methodology from these areas into evaluation.

DG RTD Evaluation Unit provides the overall co-ordination and support, will chair the Network meetings and will share the organization of the meeting with the host country.

Monitoring, Evaluation & Assessment

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