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FP5web Results and Exploitation Service

FP5 projects are typically two years in length and will begin to produce results in 2001. Meanwhile, you can search results from previous Framework Programmes.

The structure of the previous Programmes was different to FP5, but the table below can be used as a reference to help you search FP4 results by an approximate mapping from FP5 to FP4.

We suggest that you begin at the Technology Marketplace from where you can search featured offers of technology or the entire database of research results from previous Framework Programmes.

Once results are available, participants should utilise the Technological Implementation Plan (eTIP), which is a specification for the exploitation of the results of your project.

Mapping of FP5 and FP4 Programmes

FP5 Thematic programmes FP4 Specific Programmes
Quality of Life
(Improving the quality of life and management of living resources)
Biotechnology (BIOTECH 2)
Biomedicine & Health (BIOMED 2)
Agriculture & Fisheries (FAIR)
(Information Society Technologies)
Advanced Communications Technologies and Services (ACTS)
Information Technologies (ESPRIT)
Telematics Applications
(Promoting competitive and sustainable growth)
Industrial and Materials Technologies (BRITE-EURAM 3)
Standards, Measurements and Testing (SMT)
(Energy, environment and sustainable development)
Environment and Climate Marine Science and Technologies (MAST 3)
Non-nuclear energies - R&D; activities (NNE-JOULE)
Non-nuclear energies - Demonstration activities (NNE-THERMIE)

FP5 Horizontal Programmes FP4 Specific Programmes
(Confirming the international role of
Community research)
International Cooperation (INCO)
(Promotion of innovation and
encouragement of SME participation)
Innovation Programme
Technology Stimulation for SMEs
(Improving human research potential
and the socio-economic knowledge base)
Training and Mobility of Researchers (TMR)
Targeted-Socio Economic Research (TSER)

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