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Common set of criteria

The research priorities of the Fifth Framework Programme have been established on the basis of a common set of criteria divided into three categories. These have been used to define the research priorities of the Fifth Framework Programme itself and the specific programmes implementing it. The common criteria will also be applied in the selection of research and technological development activities, including demonstration activities. The three categories of criteria will apply simultaneously. However, the extent to which each category applies may differ from case-to-case.

Criteria related to the Community "value added" and the subsidiarity principle - so as to select only objectives which are more efficiently pursued at the Community level by means of research activities conducted at that level.
  • need to establish a "critical mass" in human and financial terms, in particular through the combination of the complementary expertise and resources available in the various Member States;

  • significant contribution to the implementation of one or more Community policies;

  • addressing of problems arising at Community level, or questions relating to aspects of standardization, or questions connected with the development of the European area.

Criteria related to social objectives - in order to further major social objectives of the Community reflecting the expectations and concerns of its citizens.
  • improving the employment situation;

  • promoting the quality of life and health;

  • preserving the environment.

Criteria related to economic development and scientific and technological prospects - in order to contribute to the harmonious and sustainable development of the Community as a whole.
  • areas which are expanding and create good growth prospects;

  • areas in which Community businesses can and must become more competitive;

  • areas in which prospects of significant scientific and technological progress are opening up, offering possibilities for dissemination and exploitation of results in the medium or long term.

Note: additional criteria may be established by the specific programmes

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