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Evaluation Manual
What's new since the last version?

A new version of the manual of proposal evaluation procedures (the "evaluation manual") was adopted by the Commission on 14 July 2000.

The new version has a number of important changes to the main procedures as well as small adjustments in the programme-specific annexes and some drafting amendments. The provisions of the amended manual apply to all calls for proposals published after 14 July 2000 and, for all open calls that have already been published, they will apply from 30 September 2000.

There are two particularly important changes made to the procedures for checking the eligibility of proposals received, which should be noted by all potential participants:

  • To be eligible for consideration for evaluation, proposals must be received at the address specified in the call for proposals on or before the deadline published in the call for proposals. Any proposal arriving after the deadline will be declared ineligible. This is a major change from the procedure applied previously, which allowed 10 working days for postal deliveries to arrive. The new version of the evaluation manual makes no distinction between the means of delivery used but sets just one deadline for the arrival of proposals. The provisions for electronic submission remain unchanged.
  • It is no longer necessary for the Commission to be in receipt of original signatures of the proposal partners and/or the proposal coordinator at the proposal stage. In other words, copies of complete signed proposals will now be accepted.

Other changes introduced into the new version of the manual, but which do not necessarily apply across all programmes include the following:

  • small clarifications of the procedures used for evaluating SME-specific measures (Annexes B and M)
  • a description of the procedure used for evaluating "cluster" projects under the Quality of Life programme (Annex H)
  • clarification of the definition of "large scale proposals" in the Competitive and Sustainable Growth programme (Annex J)
  • changes to weightings and marking thresholds for the energy sub-programme of the Energy, Environment and Sustainable Development programme (Annex K)
  • an amendment to the evaluation criteria for Japan Fellowships under the INCO programme (Annex L)
  • four new chapters covering innovation measures in areas which were not subject to calls in 1999 under the Promotion of Innovation and the Encouragement of Participation of SMEs programme (Annex M)
  • clarifications of the rules on eligibility and transfer between programmes for Marie Curie Fellowships under the Improving Human Potential programme (Annex N)

As well as the major changes outlined above, the opportunity was taken to make small amendments to the drafting of the manual in order to clarify its provisions in a number of instances. These minor amendments have no consequence on the procedures used but are designed to clear up possible ambiguities in the original text.

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