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Types of actions supported
The Community will contribute financially to the RTD (1) activities carried out under the specific programmes implementing the Fifth RTD Framework Programme. The following provides a brief overview of the types of measures supported under FP5, together with the maximum levels of finance provided by the Community (2) .

(a) Shared-cost actions

  • Research and technological development projects (3) - projects obtaining new knowledge intended to develop or improve products, process or services and/or to meet the needs of Community policies (financial participation: 50 % of total eligible costs (4) )

  • Demonstration projects (3) - projects improving the viability of new technologies offering potential economic advantage but which cannot be commercialised directly (financial participation: 35 % of total eligible costs (4) )

  • Combined R&D; and demonstration projects (3) - projects combining the above elements (financial participation: 35 to 50 % of total eligible costs (4) )

  • Support for access to research infrastructures - actions enhancing access to research infrastructures for Community researchers. Support will cover maximum of 100 % of additional eligible costs

  • "SME Co-operative" research projects (4) - projects enabling at least three mutually independent SMEs from at least two Member States to jointly commission research carried out by a third party (financial participation: 50 % of total eligible costs)

  • "SME Exploratory" awards - support of 75 % of total eligible costs (5) for an up-to-12 months exploratory phase of a project (e.g. feasibility studies, validation, partner search)

(b) Training fellowships

- Marie Curie fellowships are either fellowships, where individual researchers apply directly to the Commission, or host fellowships, where institutions apply to host a number of researchers (financial participation: maximum of 100 % of additional eligible costs (6) )

(c) Research training networks

- actions for promoting training-through-research especially of researchers at pre-doctoral and at post doctoral level - and thematic networks - networks bringing together e.g. manufacturers, users, universities, research centres around a given S&T; objective. Support will cover maximum 100 % of additional eligible costs for setting up and maintaining such networks

(d) Concerted actions

- actions co-ordinating RTD projects already in receipt of funding, for example to exchange experiences, to reach a critical mass, to disseminate results etc. (financial participation: maximum of 100 % of additional eligible costs)

(e) Accompanying measures

- actions contributing to the implementation of a specific programme or the preparation of future activities (financial participation: maximum of 100 % of total eligible costs).

Footnotes :
(1) It will also carry out research and development activities, directly by the Joint Research Centre.
(2) In the Decisions adopting the specific programmes, there can be no derogation from the financial participation rates set out here, with the exception of duly justified special cases.
(3) The rates may need to be adjusted in individual cases to comply with the Community framework for State aid for R&D; (O.J. C 45, 17.2.1996) and with article 8 of the WTO Agreement on subsidies and countervailing measures (O.J. L 336, 23.12.1994)
(4) In the special case of legal entities which do not keep analytical accounts, the additional eligible costs generated as a result of the research will be financed at the rate of 100%
(5) EC Funding up to 22500 euro.
(6) In the case of industrial host fellowships, this will normally approximate to 50% of the total eligible costs.

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