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The Fifth Framework Programme (FP5) sets out the priorities for the European Union's research, technological development and demonstration (RTD) activities for the period 1998-2002. These priorities have been selected on the basis of a set of common criteria reflecting the major concerns of increasing industrial competitiveness and the quality of life for European citizens.

The Fifth Framework Programme has two distinct parts: the European Community (EC) framework programme covering research, technological development and demonstration activities; and the Euratom framework programme covering research and training activities in the nuclear sector.

FP5 differs considerably from its predecessors. It has been conceived to help solve problems and to respond to the major socio-economic challenges facing Europe. To maximise its impact, it focuses on a limited number of research areas combining technological, industrial, economic, social and cultural aspects. Management procedures have also been streamlined with an emphasis on simplifying procedures and systematically involving key players in research.

Programmes and Key Actions

A major innovation of the Fifth Framework Programme is the concept of " Key actions ". Implemented within the specific programmes , these flexible instruments are targeted at achieving solutions to topics of great concern in Europe. "Key actions" will mobilise the wide range of scientific and technological disciplines - both fundamental and applied - required to address a specific problem so as to overcome the barriers that exist, not only between disciplines but also between the programmes and the organisations concerned.


Modifications to the rules covering participation and the dissemination of research results under the Fifth Framework Programme were proposed by the Commission. Forming part of the FP5 legislative architecture, these rules will be implemented in a harmonised manner by the specific programmes.


A budget of 13,700 million euro has been agreed for the implementation of the European Community section of FP5. Combined with the 1,260 million euro allocated to the Euratom programme, this should bring the global budget for research during 1999-2002 to 14,960 million euro . (This represents an increase, in absolute terms, of 4.61% compared to the Fourth Framework Programme.)

All the calls for proposals under the Fifth Framework Programme are available on this site.

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