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Description of the main sections

CORDIS FP5web is structured around two main sections: the information gateway and FP5 tailored services. These are described briefly below:

FP5web information gateway

  • About FP5 : an introduction to how FP5 is organised, its structure and content, the types of activities that are supported and the funding available for each area
  • Programmes : a window to all information related to each specific programme, with programme 'fact sheets' and access to programme-specific web services
  • Legal and Financial Issues: a specific sub-site dedicated to information about the legal and financial aspects of the research management process
  • Support Networks : the framework of information and assistance available to answer your FP5-related questions

CORDIS FP5 tailored services

  • News & Events : the latest FP5 news and events from the daily CORDIS news service
  • Calls for Proposals : direct access to all of the latest FP5 calls and the documentation and tools required to prepare and submit proposals
  • Find a Partner : a dedicated 'expressions of interest' service offering a 2-way communication channel between you and potential partners
  • Contract Preparation : access to the contract preparation materials of general application to FP5, with links to programme-specific materials
  • Find Projects : details of approved projects dynamically generated from the CORDIS RTD Projects database
  • Results & Exploitation : details of results

How to navigate around FP5web

There are a number of ways to navigate around FP5web - all of these navigational tools are available from every page:

  1. simply click on the navigation bar on the right to go to the information or service you require
  2. find the latest additions using the highlights menu or the what's new feature at the top of this page
  3. use the site index below to locate the specific information you are looking for
  4. interrogate FP5web with the interactive free text search, using key words to locate the relevant information

Site Index

FP5 Information Gateway
About FP5 Specific Programmes Legal and Financial Issues Support Networks
Introduction to FP5:
Fact Sheets:
Legal & Financial Aspects:

CORDIS FP5 Tailored Services
News & Events Calls for Proposals Find a Partner
Search for FP5 News

Browse FP5 News

Browse FP5 Events
Documentation and Tools: Partners service

Research Partners from the Candidate Countries:
Contract Preparation Find Projects Results & Exploitation
Contract Preparation Forms Search FP5 Projects

Browse projects for:
  • Quality of Life
  • Growth
  • EESD
  • INCO 2
  • Innovation-SMEs
  • Improving
  • FP5 Euratom
Technology Marketplace

Technological Implementation Plan

About FP5
FP5 Programmes
Legal and Financial Issues
support Networks
News and Events
Call for Proposals
Find a Partner
Contract Preparation
Find Projects
Results and Exploitation


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