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Image The eTIP application is only to be used by the coordinators and partners of EU-funded RTD projects under FP5

Technological Implementation Plan (eTIP)

What is the TIP?

The TIP (Technological Implementation Plan) is information that most EU R&D; contractors have to submit as contractual obligation at the end of their project. It describes the results of the project and the plans that the partners have to use those results and to encourage others to use them.

The TIP is now available in electronic form, the eTIP, which is really a Web interface to a database of TIP data. Using the eTIP, the Project Coordinators can if they wish provide the information on behalf of all the project partners, or they can simply start the eTIP and ask the individual partners to complete the information about their own results and exploitation plans.

At the end of the process the information is formally submitted to the Commission Project Officer who checks it is adequate, and if so accepts it.

How do I use the eTIP?

You complete it by accessing the eTIP Web site , using your normal browser to fill in the pages of forms. You can input the information in multiple sessions, each session is automatically saved as you exit, until you and your partners are happy with it.

The Project Co-ordinator has to start the process by registering themselves and all the contracting partners. Once you have registered and started an eTIP you should find it has been pre-populated with your project data. Information can then be entered by the coordinator and the other project partners to:

  • Update and expand the project details
  • Report the results and the exploitation plans for them
  • Comment on the economic impact and European value of the project

Download a paper version of the TIP (FP5 version 3.3)

You may still want to use a paper version of the TIP, for easy reference or to have an overview of the TIP as a whole. On the other hand, you may have technical difficulties using the eTIP. If this is the case you can download the Word version of the TIP via the link below and complete the document on your computer, then email it or send it on a floppy disk direct to your Commission Project Officer. This is a rescue measure to be used only if you cannot complete the eTIP for technical reasons. Please don?t send paper printouts of the TIP as these cannot be processed.

Download now...

Version Format Size (Kb)
3.3. MS Word 410

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