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Sixth Framework Programme
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FP6 Budget

Sixth framework programme for research, technological development and demonstration activities
Sixth framework programme of the European Atomic Energy Community (Euratom) for nuclear research and training activities

Sixth framework programme for RTD and demonstration activities

(EUR million)  
1. Focusing and integrating Community research 14 682
Thematic priorities (1)   12 438  
• Life sciences, genomics and biotechnology for health. (2) 2514    
  Advanced genomics and its applications for health 1 209    
  Combating major diseases 1 305    
• Information society technologies (3) 3 984    
• Nanotechnologies and nanosciences, knowledge-based multifunctional materials and new production processes and devices 1 429    
• Aeronautics and space 1 182    
• Food quality and safety 753    
• Sustainable development, global change and ecosystems 2 329    
  Sustainable energy systems 890    
  Sustainable surface transport 670    
  Global change and ecosystems 769    
• Citizens and governance in a knowledge-based society 247    
Specific activities covering a wider field of research   1 409  
• Policy support and anticipating scientific and technological needs 590    
• Horizontal research activities involving SMEs 473    
• Specific measures in support of international cooperation. (4) 346    
Non-nuclear activities of the Joint Research Centre   835  
2. Structuring the European Research Area 2 854
Research and innovation 319    
Human resources 1 732    
Research infrastructures (5) 715    
Science and society 88    
3. Strengthening the foundations of the European Research Area 347
Support for the coordination of activities 292    
Support for the coherent development of policies 55    
TOTAL 17 883

(1) Of which at least 15 % for SMEs.
(2) Including up to EUR 475 million for cancer-related research.
(3) Including up to EUR 110 million for the further development of Géant and GRID.
(4) The amount of EUR 346 million will fund specific measures in support of international cooperation involving developing countries, Mediterranean countries (including the Western Balkans), and Russia and the New Independent States (NIS). Another EUR 312 million is earmarked to finance the participation of third-country organisations in the “Thematic Priorities” and in the “Specific activities covering a wider field of research”, thus bringing the total amount devoted to international cooperation to EUR 658 million. Additional resources will be available under section 2.2 “Human resources and mobility” to fund research training for third-country researchers in Europe.
(5) Including up to EUR 218 million for the further development of Géant and GRID.

Euratom Framework Programme (6)

(EUR million)  
1. Priority thematic areas of research   890
1.1. Controlled thermonuclear fusion 750  
1.2. Management of radioactive waste 90  
1.3. Radiation protection 50  
2. Other activities in the field of nuclear technologies and safety   50
3. Nuclear activities of the Joint Research Centre (JRC)   290
Total 1 230

(6) Details of the Euratom Framework Programme are given in a separate brochure .

(Source: DECISION No 786/2004/EC OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL of 21 April 2004. OJ L 138/7 of 30.4.2004)