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Expressions of interest

In March 2002, the European Commission launched an invitation to submit Expressions of interest (EoI) for research actions under the Sixth Framework programme's (FP6) to participate in research actions with an Integrated Project or a Network of Excellence for topics throughout the seven thematic priorities of the Specific Programme Proposal - Integrating and Strengthening the ERA - and thematic priorities 2.2 and 2.3 of the Specific Programme Proposal - Nuclear Energy.

CORDIS, the European Commission's Research and Development Information Service, collected and published all the EoI (unless the submitters have requested otherwise). The EoI are now available as PDF documents, grouped by the most relevant Thematic Priority. Each record provides contact details, an abstract on the project and details of which instrument is applicable.

Results and analysis of Expressions of Interest received by the European Commission to help prepare the first FP6 calls in 2002 are available below

Reports and analysis

Individual submissions, accessible through the search function below.

Thematic Priorities


1.1.1 Genomics and biotechnology for health

33,077 KB

1.1.1.i. Advanced genomics and its applications for health

22,076 KB

1.1.1.i.a. Fundamental knowledge and basic tools for functional genomics in all organisms

11,192 KB

1.1.1.i.b Applications of knowledge and technologies in the field of genomics and biotechnology for health

10,412 KB

1.1.1.ii Combating major diseases

40,190 KB

1.1.1.ii.a Application-oriented genomic approaches to medical knowledge and technologies

12,491 KB

1.1.1.ii.b Combating cancer

9,219 KB

1.1.1.ii.c Confronting the major communicable diseases linked to poverty

1,898 KB

1.1.2 Information Society technologies

42,508 KB

1.1.2.i Applied IST research addressing major societal and economic challenges

96,678 KB

1.1.2.ii Communication, computing and software technologies

37,916 KB

1.1.2.iii Components and microsystems

19,159 KB

1.1.2.iv Knowledge and interface technologies

11,036 KB

1.1.2.v IST future and emerging technologies

4,150 KB

1.1.3 Nanotechnologies and nanosciences, knowledge-based multifunctional materials and new production processes and devices

28,455 KB

1.1.3.i Nanotechnologies and nanosciences

28,309 KB

1.1.3.ii Knowledge-based Multifunctional Materials

22,972 KB

1.1.3.iii New Production Processes and Devices

43,147 KB

1.1.4 Aeronautics and space

3,217 KB

1.1.4.i Aeronautics

6,172 KB

1.1.4.ii Space

9,248 KB

1.1.5 Food Quality and Safety

74,511 KB

1.1.6 Sustainable development, global change and ecosystems

42,775 KB Substainable energy systems

28,226 KB Research activities having an impact in the short and medium term

25,103 KB Research activities having an impact in the medium and longer term

20,872 KB Sustainable Surface Transport

11,732 KB Developing environmentally friendly transport systems and means of transport.

8,608 KB Making surface transport safer, more effective and more competitive

13,827 KB Global Change and Ecosystems

82,340 KB

1.1.7 Citizens and Governance in a Knowledge-based society

27,729 KB

1.1.7.i Knowledge-based Society and social cohesion

36,026 KB

1.1.7.ii Citizenship, democracy and new forms of governance

28,986 KB

EURATOM-Nuclear Energy

2.2 Management of radioactive waste

2,539 KB

2.2.i Research on geological disposal

2,455 KB

2.2.ii Partitioning and transmutation and other concepts to produce less waste in nuclear energy generation

2,223 KB

2.3 Radiation protection

8,225 KB

Structuring ERA-Science and Society

1,140 KB

Sustainable Energy Systems (ML) Expressions of Interest (Medium and Longer Term)

5,380 KB

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