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Fusion Energy Research

Information on projects funded in this area can be found on the Find a Project page, where you can browse projects using the 'Activity Areas' search option.

Fusion energy research objectives:

Fusion is an important long-term option for energy supply. Current research is focussed on demonstrating the scientific and technological feasibility of fusion energy and assessing its sustainable qualities. One of the most important developments in this area is the work on the proposed international project of fusion experimental reactor ITER.

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Current Programme Activities

Thematic areas:

:: Next step/ITER

The objective of this proposed international project of fusion experiment is to demonstrate the scientific and technological feasibility of fusion energy production, bearing in mind the socio-ecomic aspects. This objective will be attained through:
  • Continuation of Next Step activities -negotiations with the EU's international partners and supporting technical studies- with a view to participating in its construction in the second half of FP6
  • Completion of the ITER site studies
  • Establishment of an appropriate legal framework
  • Preparation for the participation of European industry in ITER

:: Exploitation of the JET facilities

  • Further exploitation in the framework of the European Fusion Development Agreement (EFDA)
  • Preparation of ITER operation by completing the exploitation of the performance enhancements currently under way

:: Associations' programme in physics and technology

  • R&D; in fusion physics and plasma engineering
  • Structured R&D; activities in fusion technology
  • Investigations of socio-economic aspects


The indicative budget allocated to Fusion Energy Research for the duration of FP6 is EUR 750 million .

Relevant documents:

"The energy challenge of the 21st century: The role of nuclear energy"
Scientific and Technical Committee Euratom (STC) - 2003

Useful links:

Fusion Energy web site on Europa

Links to previous activities:

Work undertaken on FP5 related to this area can be found under the Specific Programme Research and Training in the Field of Nuclear Energy