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Marie Curie Actions - Human resources and mobility

Evaluation Preliminary Results for Individual Actions

IMPORTANT: Note that results published on the web shortly after the evaluation and before the final Commission Decision are only preliminary , and should be taken as purely informative.

An evaluation summary report for all evaluated eligible proposals will be sent to each applicant with the score details and the evaluators' comments on the proposal.

Key to Provisional status of proposals

A: Proposal recommended for funding. It is positioned within the available budget. Proposals in this category are likely to be offered to enter into contract negotiation. Negotiation takes place between the Commission and the host institution. During this phase it is important for the researcher to keep in contact with the host institution, since the outcome of these negotiations will determine the funding to be allocated to the project and the start date of the fellowship.

B: Proposal on the reserve list. Funding available only after proposals from category A have been withdrawn or failed negotiation. Applicants will be contacted in due time. Proposers will be informed when the reserve list is closed.

C: Proposal of good quality. Having passed all thresholds but for which funding is not available due to budgetary constraints. These proposals will be rejected.

D: Proposal of insufficient quality. It is judged to be of overall insufficient quality or has failed the threshold in one or more criteria. These proposals will be rejected.

E: Proposal not eligible. Proposals under this category have failed one or more administrative eligibility criteria and have not been taken into account during evaluation.

F: Proposal received after the deadline (12th March 2003). These proposals will be kept by default until the next deadline (18th February 2004) and will be evaluated if at that point they still comply with the eligibility criteria. However, applicants may choose to withdraw their proposal and re-submit an updated proposal.

Marie Curie Intra-European Fellowships (EIF)

  • Publication date: 17 December 2002;
  • Closure date: 12 March 2003
  • Total indicative budget: €55M
  • Total number of proposals submitted: 1805 of which 1665 (92.2%) were eligible and 72 proposals are classified as "non-receivable" for the first call, i.e. they arrived after the closure date.
  • Success rate: This action has received a large number of applications of which approximately 60-70% have passed all the quality thresholds. It is estimated that between 20 and 25% of the proposals can be funded.

Marie Curie European Reintegration Grants (ERG)

  • Publication date: 17 December 2002; Continuous submission: For 2003: 15 April, 15 July and 15 September
  • Closure dates: 15 April and 15 July 2003
  • Total indicative budget: 20 M€ for all dates in 2003
  • Total number of proposals submitted: 73 of which 72 (98.6%) were eligible.
  • Success rate: It is estimated that 93% of the proposals can be funded.

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