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Research infrastructures

Activity Service
Main objectives:

Promoting the development of a fabric of research infrastructures of highest quality and performance in Europe and their optimum use on a European scale color identification

Work Programme Calls for this activity

Activity areas:

  • 1. Transnational access to major research infrastructures for research teams and individual researchers
  • 2.1 Integrating activities combining cooperation networks with transnational access and research projects
  • 2.2 Integrating activities including networking activities only
  • 3. Communication network development in conjunction with thematic priority 2 (Information Society Technologies) to establish a high-capacity and high-speed communications network for all researchers in Europe (GÉANT) and specific high performance Grids and test-beds (GRIDs).
  • 4. Design studies: feasibility studies and technical preparatory work for new infrastructures with European dimension
  • 5. Development of new infrastructures: optimising of European infrastructures by providing limited support in duly justified cases, alongside with other funding agencies


The indicative budget allocated to the Structuring activity Research infrastructures for the duration of FP6 is EUR 715 million .

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