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Whether you are a newcomer to EU-funded R&D; programmes, or an experienced project participant, this service can direct you to all of your FP6 information and participation needs. This portal provides a single entry point to the family of CORDIS FP6 web services and tools.

The CORDIS FP6 service is built around a suite of interactive and user-friendly support modules to provide you with a comprehensive set of information and tools to support participation in FP6.

General FP6 background information is provided by:

  • What is FP6? : detailing the range of research areas, activities and themes to be addressed during the lifetime of FP6 and outlining the instruments to be used to implement the programme
  • FP6 step by step : a structured walk-through of what participation entails
  • FP6 Glossary : jargon free explanations for all the FP6 terminology (available soon)

The tools to support FP6 participation are:

  • Find a call : search and find all the FP6 calls, view all the relevant documentation on-line and download the complete infopack for the preparation of your proposal. View potential partners seeking for collaboration and access to the EPSS
  • Get support : identify the National Contact Points in the 15 EU member states and the states associated to FP6 who will provide personalised, local support to prospective participants
  • Find a document : easily locate the key FP6 documentation
  • Find a partner : a search facility to match partners with similar research interests in other Member States and states associated to FP6
  • Prepare & submit a proposal : your gateway to the electronic proposal submission service - EPSS
  • Find a Project : access FP6 project fact sheets

More information and tools are planned and will be announced on these pages.


What is FP6 ?
/ FP6 at a glance
/ Activity Areas
/ Instruments
/ Budget
/ Essential documents
FP6 step by step
/ What's new in FP6?
/ Finding your research theme
/ Preparing to make a proposal
/ Making and submitting a proposal
/ What happens after submission
/ Managing a project
Find a Call
/ Search Calls
/ Open Calls
/ Closed Calls
Get Support
/ National Contact Points
/ FP6 contacts in third countries
/ Commission Infodesks
/ Non FP6 specific support services
Find a Partner
Find a Document
/ Work programmes
/ Guidelines on Proposal Evaluation and Selection Procedures
/ Guidance Notes for Evaluators
/ Negotiation Guidance Notes
/ Model Contracts
/ Contract Preparation Forms
/ Ethic Rules
/ IPR Issues
/ Council decisions
/ FP6 Brochures
/ Instruments
/ User Guides
/ Other relevant documents
/ Press
Prepare & submit a proposal
/ Electronic Proposal and Submission System (EPSS)
/ Hand delivering your FP6 proposal
Find a Project
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