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Sustainable development, global change and ecosystems

Information on projects funded in this area can be found on the Find a Project page, where you can browse projects using the 'Activity Areas' search option.

Services currently available:

Specific call to promote the participation of partners from Targeted Third Countries in projects for which contracts are already signed or under negotiation in priority thematic areas of research

Call identifier [FP6-2006-TTC-TU-Priority-6-2]

Publication date : February 15th 2006 - Closing date May 16th 2005

The aim of the Call is to make it possible to add a partner from an INCO country to an already existing FP6 project that was retained during Call 2B or 3B in the field of Sustainable Surface Transport (Road, Rail & Waterborne Transport). NB Only projects from the domains 3 and 4 from the Work Program are eligible. The following instruments are applicable: IP, STREPS and CA´s.

By following this link, you will find the list of eligible projects

All necessary documents and background information you will find on the corresponding CORDIS page .

DISCLAIMER - In the context of the “FP6-2006-TTC-TU” call for proposals, the list of projects for which contracts are already signed or under negotiation and which are published on the relevant internet webpage is only indicative, for information, and may not be exhaustive. The Commission cannot guarantee completeness and correctness of the information published.

ONLINE submission only

Main objectives:

Strengthening the S&T; capacities needed for Europe to be able to implement a sustainable development model in the short and in the long term, integrating its social, economic and environmental dimensions; contributing to international efforts mitigating adverse trends in global change.

  Work Programme

Calls for this activity

Thematic areas:

:: Sustainable energy systems

  • Short term impact (clean energy sources, savings and efficiency, alternative motor fuels)
  • Long term impact (fuel cells, carri-ers/transport storage, renewable energy technologies, capture and sequestration of CO2

:: Sustainable surface transport

  • Environmentally friendly and competitive transport systems and means of transport
    • New technologies and concepts for all surface transport modes (road, rail, waterborne)
    • Advanced design and production techniques
  • Safer, more effective and competitive rail and maritime transport
    • Rebalancing and integrating different transport modes
    • Increasing road, rail and waterborne safety and avoiding traffic congestion

:: Global change and ecosystems

  • Greenhouse gas
  • water cycle
  • Biodiversity
  • Desertification, natural disasters
  • Sustainable land management
  • Operational forecast-ing and modeling
  • Complementary research
The indicative budget allocated to the Thematic Priority Sustainable development, global change and ecosystems for the duration of FP6 is EUR 2 329 million distributed as follows:
Sustainable energy systems: 890
Sustainable surface transport: 670
Global change and ecosystems: 769



:: Sustainable surface transport


:: Sustainable Energy Systems

:: Sustainable surface transport

  • Information Day Third Call for Proposals in the areas of Energy and Transport (FP6-2004-TREN-3) Announcement and Registration Form (MS Word), 22 september 2004, Brussels

:: Sustainable Surface Transport

With a view to help potential participants, the "Sustainable Surface Transport" sub-theme has provided the opportunity for users to promote their events on CORDIS.

:: Global Change and Ecosystems

Links to previous activities:

Work undertaken on FP5 related to this area can be found under the Thematic Programme Energy, Environment and Sustainable Development at