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International cooperation

Given the global nature of the challenges, threats and opportunities of energy matters, international collaboration becomes increasingly important for achieving EU policy objectives in Energy Research.

The new international participation possibilities under FP7 provide a solid foundation for increasing co-operation and improving participation of scientists from third countries in FP7 activities. In principle, such participation is based on mutual benefit and common interest.

In the Energy Theme of the FP7 Cooperation Specific Programme, International Cooperation is implemented through:

  • " Opening up " of all research areas and topics of the Work Programme to participation of research entities from third countries.
  • " Targeted Opening ": several topics are especially designed to promote participation of targeted International Cooperation Partner Countries (ICPC).
  • " Specific International Cooperation Actions " (SICA) that are dedicated to international co-operation with partners from International Cooperation Partner Countries (ICPC). They will address, on the basis of mutual benefit, problems of shared interest and importance such as the environmental consequences of energy policies, energy supply inter-dependency, technology transfer and capacity building and will engage emerging economies with significant energy needs.

In addition, the 2010 work programme includes the India-EU Call on Solar Energy Systems. This call will facilitate India-EU project mode partnerships supported by two-way mobility of researchers.
It includes the following topics:

  • ENERGY.2010.2.1-2: Development of novel materials, device structures and fabrication methods suitable for thin film solar cells and TCOs including Organic Photovoltaics
  • ENERGY.2010.2.1-3: Development of new concentrator modules and field performance evaluation of Concentrated PV system
  • ENERGY.2010.2.5-3: Small scale steam engine powered by Linear Fresnel Reflector (LFR) system- Development of prototype

As a result of energy research dialogues other forms of specific actions might be implemented, such as coordinated calls for co-funded projects.

The main focus of international cooperation activities in terms of countries and research topics is laid down in the work programme and may differ between different calls.

The 2010 work programme published on 30 July 2009 includes a number of topics that explicitly encourage the participation of organizations from third countries. These topics are:

  • ENERGY.2010.3.5-1: Liquid or gaseous fuel production using direct biological conversion of solar radiation
  • ENERGY.2010.5.2-3: CCS – site abandonment
  • Topic Energy.2010.10.1-3 Sub-seabed carbon storage and the marine environment
  • ENERGY.2010.10.2-1: Future Emerging Technologies

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