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Network of National Contact Points (NCPs)

The network of National Contact Points is the main structure to provide guidance, practical information and assistance on all aspects of participation in FP7.

What is the NCP network?

NCPs are national structures established and financed by governments of the 27 EU member states and the states associated to the framework programme. NCPs give personalised support on the spot and in proposers' own languages.
The NCP systems in the different countries show a wide variety of architectures, from highly centralised to decentralised networks, and a number of very different actors, from ministries to universities, research centres and special agencies to private consulting companies. This reflects the different national traditions, working methodologies, research landscapes and funding schemes.

Other support services

FP7 support services | Non FP7 specific support services

  • Enquiry Service (A service provided by the Europe Direct Contact Centre)
    Ask your questions about any aspect of European research in general and the EU Research Framework Programmes in particular.
    This service replaces the traditional Help Desk email service.
  • NB: it will provide no answers related to forgotten passwords (for experts, proposals, etc.), the technical aspects of proposal submission , or IT problems (there will be specific help via the submission system (EPSS) pages).
  • Disclaimer: For enquiries related to the submission of proposals, we can not guarantee to provide an answer in time shortly before a call deadline. Please submit your enquiries at least 2 weeks before the deadlines.
  • IPR HelpDesk - Intellectual Property Rights
    IPR HelpDesk To assist potential and current contractors taking part in Community funded research and development projects with IPR issues. The Helpdesk offers two main services: an informative website open to all interested parties, and a free legal Helpline aimed at participants in EU-funded research under the Framework Programmes.
    For further information, please visit:
  • IGLO - Informal Group of RTD Liaison Offices
    © IGLO - Informal Group of RTD Liaison Offices IGLO is an informal association of Brussels-based non-profit R&D; Liaison Offices. The aim of IGLO is to facilitate and enhance the interaction, information exchange and co-operation between Members of IGLO, their national research systems and the European institutions on issues related to EU R&D;, in particular, the Framework Programmes.
  • © Finance HelpDesk - Interpretation of Financial Issues Finance HelpDesk - Interpretation of Financial Issues
    The Finance Helpdesk assists potential and current beneficiaries taking part in European Framework Programs. The Helpdesk offers two main services: a free informative website which explains the Financial Regulations in a clear and informative manner, and a free Financial Helpline offering personal advice from auditors and accountants on personal and specific Financial issues. For further information, please visit:
  • CORDIS Mini-Guide makes the most of the service's many benefits

:: Non FP7 specific support service

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