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FP7 ICT- 2013.4.2 – Scalable data analytics

The Work Programme 2013 of the FP7 Specific Programme 'Cooperation', Theme 3, ICT – Information and Communication Technologies has been published on 10 July 2012. The Work Programme contains in Challenge 4: 'Technologies for Digital Content and Languages' the objective ICT-2013.4.2 – Scalable data analytics. The objective ICT 2013-4.2 is part of Call11.

Call 11 was published on 18 September 2012 in the Official Journal OJ C281 of 18 September 2012 , page 5 and at the Participants Portal "Research and Innovation", with the deadline for submission of proposals on 16 April 2013, at 17:00 Brussels local time. Further details of the call are provided in the Work Programme 2013 , at the Participants Portal, and on this page.

The ICT Proposers' Day 201 2 was held in Warsaw, 26 - 27 September 2012. This event offered a networking platform to build partnerships for participation in the ICT calls of the 7th Framework Programme for R&D. The networking session of our objective was well attended. Specific information regarding Objective 4.2 Scalable data analytics, the presentations of the session and further networking are accessible at the dedicated Objective webpage .


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Practical information

The Create project page provides more guidance on how to prepare a proposal.

Ideal-ist : A partner search facility.

The network of National Contact Points (NCPs), can be helpful both for general advice (particularly on preparing proposals) and for finding partners from other countries.


Evaluators wanted

Are you interested in being involved in FP7 activities as evaluator or project reviewer?

High-level experts with experience in information and communication technology (and a good knowledge of English, which is the working language in the evaluation) are constantly needed.

Second: Manifest your interest and signal your availability as an evaluator with an e-mail to , with name and address and the subject matter you are interested in, and mention 'FP7-ICT Call Evaluators' in the subject field.

If selected to assist in an evaluation, you will be asked to sign a conflict of interest declaration, so that you are not involved in the evaluation of one of your own proposals, or of proposals competing with it.



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