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Please note that the project factsheet will no longer be updated. All information relevant to the project can be found on the  CORDIS factsheet . This is updated on a regular basis.



VALUE-IT – Adding Value to RTD: Accelerating Take-up of Semantic Technologies for the Enterprise (STE)

Establishing dynamic links between research and business environments

VALUE-IT will :

  1. provide a vision of the market potential for intelligent information management solutions based on STE, and of the conditions, means and channels for transforming RTD results into successful products and services;
  2. raise awareness among business players about STE potential contribution to their own competitiveness;
  3. promote a two-way dialogue between STE suppliers and actual and prospective users, aimed at improving the focus and usefulness of further research and development of innovative STE solutions;
  4. contribute to future Community RTD policy in the areas of Semantics for business and Collective and Distributed Intelligence.

Impacts derived from a successful completion of the project will be measured through more European companies offering semantic solutions, and more organisations progressively adopting those technologies.

Main outputs of the VALUE-IT Support Action to be made publicly available at the end of the project comprise:

  1. A Directory of some 2.000 STE Supply and Demand players.
  2. A Demand driven STE Roadmap oriented to both Demand and Supply players.
  3. A 2015 STE RTD Agenda providing the research community with pointers on potentially relevant fields for further market driven RTD projects.
  4. A Collection of some 20 Use Cases in STE Application Scenarios.
  5. A final VALUE-IT showcase publication oriented to business decision makers, portraying potential benefits derived from up taking STE based tools.

VALUE-IT project

Project activities will involve focused groups from both the STE 'demand' and the 'supply' sides. Target groups include enterprises showing high economic value, data volume and complexity, international presence and sophisticated ICT base, like the automotive industry, banking & insurance and process industries an one side and, on the other hand, ICT products & services providers, system embedders, consulting companies, research centres and working groups involved in applied RTD projects. The combined analysis of initial selected industries vs. key cross-sector business processes needs, will lead to a broader identification and analysis of the potential of STE based solutions.

A combination of strategic market assessment, market research and communications & networking techniques and instruments will be used to achieve the stated objectives, through:

  1. Supply Vision look up, encompassing offering, commercial solutions, players, maturity of technology and perspectives.
  2. A demand driven mapping, to provide a representative analysis of the opportunities and threats for STE mainstream market development.
  3. Matchmaking and outreach activities and events, integrating the prospective visions of market players on potential development of STE, and promoting dialogue among STE supply and demand stakeholders.
  4. Awareness raising of the existence, activities, outputs and benefits by participating of the VALUE-IT Support Action.

More details

Project coordinator
Mr Ruben Riestra , INMARK Estudios Y Estrategias S.A., Spain
Email to the VALUE-IT coordinator

INMARK Estudios Y Estrategias S.A., Spain ( coordinator )
Deutsches Forschungszentrum für Künstrliche Intelligenz GmbH – DFKI, Germany
OVUM Europe Ltd., United Kingdom
Intelligent Software Components S.A. – ISOCO, Spain
Telefonica Investigacion Y Desarrollo SA – TID, Spain

Administrative details
VALUE-IT (ICT-216710) is a Support Action (SA) of the European Union's 7 th Framework Programme: Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) – Call 1.
The project started on 1 March 2008, and will finish on 30 April 2010 (26 months).
There are 5 participants from 3 countries involved in the project, and the EC contribution is 1,93 million Euros (total cost: €1,93m).

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