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T he Future of ICT for Creativity and Creative Industries


Where and when?

Wednesday and Thursday, 26 and 27 of March 2014

European Commission
Jean Monnet building, Conference centre, Rooms M5 and M6
Rue Alcide de Gasperi
Luxembourg (Kirchberg)

Who is organising the workshop and who has been invited?

The workshop is organized by the 'Creativity' Unit, within DG CONNECT, in the European Commission.

This workshop intends to bring together:

  1. Professionals from the different creative sectors (Advertising, Architecture, Design, Film, TV, Video, Radio, Games, Music, Performing and Visual Arts, Publishing);
  2. Professionals from the ICT sector developing solutions for the creative industries;
  3. Researchers whose work relates to Creativity and Creative Industries or to ICT technologies relevant for these industries.

Why are we organising the workshop?

We are organising the workshop for invited experts to help us shape the research and innovation agenda for the next years. The event will help us define the activities that our unit in the Commission should promote to strengthen Europe's position as provider of products and services based on individual and collaborative creativity in the coming years. The discussions should help us clarify what ICT-related actions are most relevant to promote the competitiveness of European creative industries and why. We also believe that the discussions will bring ideas for new, powerful research and innovation activities at the intersection of technology and creativity. The conclusions of the workshop will be decisive in the preparation of the 'ICT and Creativity' agenda within the next programme for EU-funded research and innovation.

How can you take part and what can you expect?

A welcome session in the morning on March 26th will set the context for the workshop, by providing participants with information on organizational issues during the event.
The workshop will provide a discussion forum for experts to create a vision and outline directions for our actions in the coming years. The participants are not requested to submit any papers or presentations before the workshop. The design of the workshop will rely on participatory approaches to make the best of conversational processes and collective intelligence of the group.

The Outcome: A report with the conclusions of the discussions will be made available to the participants and published on our website.

How many participants are we expecting?

It is difficult to foresee the exact number of participants, but we are expecting at least 80 participants.


The registration is now closed.

The final agenda is available here .

Terms of participation

The European Commission has issued personal invitations to this event and participation in the workshop is restricted to the invited participants, but if your work relates to ICT and creativity and/or creative industries and you who would be interested in attending the workshop and making a contribution, you are welcome to contact us. Participation in the event is free of charge, but travel and accommodation costs are borne by the participants .

Travel information

  • Location: The European Commission building 'Jean Monnet' is located in rue Alcide de Gasperi, Plateau de Kirchberg, 3 km from the centre of Luxembourg city. Click here to locate it on Google Maps.
  • Accommodation: Please contact your travel agency or the Luxembourg tourist office . The hotels closest to the Jean Monnet building (but not in the centre of the city) are 'Novotel Luxembourg Kirchberg', 'Sofitel Luxembourg Europe' and 'Melia'.
  • Transport:
    Luxembourg trains
    Bus time tables and routes . The municipal busses 12 and 18 stop directly at the Jean Monnet building.
    Restaurants in Luxembourg


You can contact the European Commission department organizing this event either through or by contacting Alina Senn ( ).

Twitter: @ICTcreativityEU and @DigicultEU



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