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Critical Infrastructure Protection


The interoperability and interconnectivity of communication and supply networks and systems is one of the cornerstones of the functioning of our modern society. The vulnerabilities in the intercommunication of systems, equipment, services and processes and their resilience against malicious attacks of terrorism and (organised) crime are elementary to the security of the citizens. The objective of the joint call is to make key infrastructures of modern life, such as energy production sites and transmission systems, storage and distribution, information and communication networks, sensitive manufacturing plants, banking and finance, healthcare, or transportation systems more secure and dependable. The aim is to protect such critical infrastructures that can be damaged, destroyed or disrupted by deliberate acts of terrorism, natural disasters, negligence, mismanagements, accidents, computer hacking, criminal activity and malicious behaviour and to safeguard them against incidents, malfunctions and failures.

This page describes activities related to the FP7 ICT Workprogramme 2007-2008 Objective 1.7 "Critical Infrastructure Protection" managed by the DG INFSO Unit F5 "Security". The unit is also responsible for the activities of the ICT Objective 1.4 "Secure, dependable and trusted Infrastructures" (see related web pages).

Further information on Commission policy activities in the area of Critical Information Protection can be found here .

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