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Future Internet Enterprise Systems Cluster

General Introduction

Welcome to the website of the Future Internet Enterprise Systems (FInES) Cluster .

Future Internet Enterprise Systems (FInES) has emerged as a field of activity that aims at enabling enterprises, including SMEs, by means of ICT, to exploit the full potential of the Future Internet. The FInES vision and research objectives are defined in its Position Paper : “The full potential of the Future Internet is accessible to, relevant for, and put to use by European enterprises including SMEs. The Internet thus becomes a universal business system on which new values can be created by competing as well as collaborating enterprises - incumbent as well as new - through innovation in a level playing field, with sustainable positive benefits for the economy, society and the environment” .

The FInES research domain that has been supported by the European Commission over 10 years is an important element of the Digital Agenda for Europe, a flagship initiative of the Europe 2020 strategy. The FInES Cluster aims to catch the realm of Future Enterprises opening up new research perspectives for the domain. It is uniting the previous Enterprise Interoperability and Collaboration (EI) and Digital Ecosystems (DE) clusters in order to encompass the past and current research experts and organisations focusing on benefiting all of us by offering an increased opportunity for synergy and enhanced collaboration among research projects in this unit. The community of the former Enterprise Interoperability Cluster represents the Enterprise Interoperability and Collaboration Research Domain in Europe, and is composed of FP6 and FP7 funded projects, as well as experts and stakeholders from all over Europe, working in the areas of Enterprise Software, Enterprise Interoperability and Collaboration applicable to enterprises.


Future Internet Enterprise Systems (FInES) Cluster creation schema

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To register to our mailing list, please send an email to Alexandra de Neuville

If you wish to send comments and suggestions or any other related issue you whish to discuss with the European Commission, please contact the responsible project officer, Cristina Martinez .

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Our Cluster in a Nutshell

  • More than 30 FP7 and FP6 projects
  • High-quality publications , i.e. Vision and research objectives are defined in a Research Roadmap (Version 4.0 published in July 2006, Version 5.0 published in March 2008). A new FInES Research Roadmap (Version 4.0) was finalised in July 2010. A clear value proposition for the domain (Version 4.0) was recognized in January 2008.
  • A community of +750 stakeholders (users, providers, intermediaries, public authorities, standards organisations, the research community, ...)
  • Strong focus on cross-domains co-operation (web semantics, web content technologies, grids, collaborative environments, service oriented architectures, eGovernment, etc.)
  • Natural link with standardisation ( CEN 's eBIF , ICT Standardisation Study, ETSI, etc.) and EU Enterprise policy. Cooperation with the other Commission Directorates-General
  • Strong collaboration and liaison activities in its various networking events and task forces .
  • Head of cluster: Cristina Martinez

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