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FInES position paper

The FInES Cluster Position Paper is the first collective output of the FInES Cluster to establish a common baseline for the development of the Cluster. It has four purposes:

  1. To analyse the current economic context from the perspective(s) of European Enterprises;
  2. To provide a contribution on the vision, nature, shape and requirements of Future Enterprises in complement to the above;
  3. To support the re-orientation of the FInES Cluster in light of the new entrants;
  4. With reference to the current (2009-2010) and the next (2011-2013) FP7 ICT Work Programmes, to input to the context for the research work of Objective 1.3.

The scope spans three inter-related areas - Future Internet, a new generation of ICT-enabled enterprise systems, and sustainable businesses.

Taking the current economic context (and especially the global financial and economic crisis) as a starting point, the document provides context analysis and assesses the potential impact of that context on the research domain of FInES. Taking account of the changing contexts and in anticipation of the requirements of future enterprises, the document articulates a vision for FInES 2025. It makes recommendations that support the definition of research priorities for FInES as an integrated research domain and proposes related actions.

In line with the European Commission’s Future Internet research initiative, the document has a reference timeframe up to 2025.

The main target audiences are:

  • Research projects and researchers in the FInES Cluster and beyond
  • All other stakeholders of FInES


Final position paper and annexes (01/09/2009)

Project contributions (27/3/2009)

First draft (20/5/2009) - REQUEST FOR COMMENTS (deadline: 29/5/2009)

Comments on first draft

Call for project contributions to the second draft (deadline: 5/6/2009)

Section 4: The FInES Cluster - Proposals

  • Vision Statement of the Cluster
  • Scope of the Cluster
  • Priorities for the Cluster
  • Any other specific issues relating to the Cluster

Section 5: Recommendations

  • Research recommendations
  • Policy recommendations
  • Additional recommendations specifically concerning the Cluster
Contributions to second draft
  • COMMIUS (coordinated by Enrico Morten)
  • K-NET (coordinated by Rui Neves-Silva)
  • ImportNET (Milan Marinov)
  • INTEROP-VLab (Michele Missikoff, Raul Poler, Ricardo Gonçalves, Keith Popplewell, Pontus Johnson, Paul Johannesson, Martin Zelm, Kurt Kosanke, Kai Mertins, Frank-Walter Jaekel, under the coordination of Guy Doumeingts)
  • TAHI (coordinated by Stephen Pattenden)

Second draft (8/7/2009) - REQUEST FOR COMMENTS (deadline: 24/7/2009)


Four voluntary editors are drafting the paper:


The document is a synthesis of the inputs from the stakeholders of the FInES Cluster, including Cluster projects, initiatives associated with the Cluster, as well as individual experts contributing to the Cluster.

Successive drafts of the document have been published for open consultation.

The activity is under the overall coordination of the Future Internet Enterprise Systems Cluster of Information Society and Media Directorate-General.


Timing (2009) Milestones
19 February FInES Cluster Meeting Launch of activity
Mid March Draft outline
Mid May 1st draft and request for comment
End June 2nd draft and request for comment
End July Final Version
1st September EC Final publication

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