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The Community Research and Development Information Service - CORDIS
Information & Communication Technologies

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CSA proposals were receivable until 15 April 2013, based on a one-step submission scheme .

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Challenging Current Thinking

The deadline for the submission of project proposals to the FP7-ICT-2013-C call was extended to 15 April 2013.

Target outcomes

This objective supports Coordination and Support Actions for creating the best conditions within which FET research can flourish and achieve the transformative impacts that it aspires to. These activities may be, for example:

  • actions, including networking and dissemination activities, aiming at the emergence of new research communities or collaborations involving a broad diversity of disciplines and actors into FET research;
  • actions towards the increased active involvement of high-tech research intensive SMEs in exploratory research directions relevant to future ICT markets;
  • actions that stimulate excellence and future leadership of pioneering teams of young researchers along new, exploratory research directions relevant to future ICT;
  • actions aimed at strengthening the international dimension of FET.

Expected impact

  • catalyse transformative effects on the communities and practices for high-risk and high-impact research and on the mechanisms to support the global nature of such research.
  • new, engaged and risk-taking research communities prepared to develop new and non-conventional approaches for addressing future challenges in science and society.

Indicative budget

A maximum of €3 million for CSA (batches 14 and 15 included).