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Information & Communication Technologies

more-pict.gif Date and venue

14 December 2010
Room 0/S5
Avenue de Beaulieu/Beaulieulaan 25
1060 Bruxelles (metro Beaulieu)

FET Young Explorers Contact person

Walter Van de Velde (email removed)
Scientific Officer, Future and Emerging Technologies, DG INFSO
Tel: +32-2-298 80 85

attach-pict.jpg Documents

Reports from the ongoing study on 'Research intensive high-tech SMEs in high-risk multidisciplinary ICT research', published by KMU Forschung Austria and Eutema in Viena, 2010.

pdf.gif Background paper

pdf.gif Draft analysis report

pdf.gif International comparison report

Exploratory workshop: New directions for supporting High-Tech Research Intensive SMEs

This workshop explored new directions for public support at European level to strengthen the case for high-tech research intensive SMEs to participate in collaborative research on future and emerging technologies (FET) in the broadly conceived area of ICT. The agenda featured thought stimulating presentations from a variety of stakeholders, as well as working sessions around key issues, such as:

  • Support programme issues: what are the features that make a public funding for these SMEs a useful and attractive proposition to develop and maintain a strategic in-house research capacity?
  • Life-cycle issues: how can support measures cover different problems that apply for companies in different development (growth) stages?
  • Framework conditions: how to improve the framework conditions for and in innovative SMEs (public procurement of innovation, worker’s mobility, general risk aversion etc.).

Invited participants constituted a mix of high-tech SMEs, other stakeholders closely acquainted with research in such SMEs, and administrators and policy makers in research and innovation support. the workshop took place in the context of an ongoing study on high-tech research intensive SMEs in research on Future and Emerging Technologies conducted by the Austrian Institute for SME Research and eutema Technology Management.


09.15 – 09.30 Welcome and introduction Ales Fiala, Head of Unit , DG INFSO FET-Open
09.30 – 10.30 Views on and from High-Tech Research Intensive SMEs:
  Research intensive High-tech SMEs in high-risk multidisciplinary ICT research ppt.gif Sascha Ruhland, Austrian Institute for SME Research
Erich Prem, Eutema Technology Management
  PIN SME ppt.gif George Brashnarov, Pan European ICT & eBusiness Network for SMEs
10.30 – 11.00 Coffee break  
11.00 – 12.00 Views on and from High-Tech Research Intensive SMEs:
  Europe’s missing YOLLIES ppt.gif Reinhilde Veugelers, Brueghel
  The value of risk ppt.gif Giulio Ruffini, STARLAB
  Serving the needs of high-tech research intensive SMEs EC
12.00 – 13.00 Discussion and key questions to be addressed
13.00 - 14.00 Lunch  
14.00 – 14.15 Introduction to working groups Sascha Ruhland and Walter Van de Velde
14.15 – 15.45 Working groups  
15.45 – 16.00 Coffee break  
16.00 – 17.00 Presentation of the developed recommendations and options, and
17.00 - 17.15 Urgency, feasibility and impact: prioritisation and options
17.15 - 17.30 Wrap-up and next steps Ales Fiala

List of participants

Other institutions

Pierre Bessiere (Probayes, France)
George Brashnarov (PIN SME, Europe)
Nico Deblauwe (IWT, Belgium)
Christoph Guger (Guger Technologies, Austria)
Timo Leimbach (Fraunhofer ISI, Germany)
Erich Prem (Eutema Technology Management, Austria)
Stephen Roper (University of Warwick, Centre for Small and Medium Sized Enterprises, UK)
Giulio Ruffini (Starlab, Spain)
Sascha Ruhland (Austrian Institute for SME research) ORGANISER
Sebastiano Toffaletti (PIN SME, Europe)
Reinhilde Veugelers (Bruegel Think Tank, Belgium)
Marie Wall (VINNOVA, Sweden)
Thomas Zergoi (FFG, Austria)

European Commission

Wolfgang Boch (EC DG INFSO, Future and Emerging Technologies)
Carl-Christian Buhr (EC Cabinet Commissioner Kroes)
Aymard de Touzalin (EC DG INFSO, Future and Emerging Technologies)
Ales Fiala (EC DG INFSO, Future and Emerging Technologies) HOST
Wide Hogenhout (EC DG INFSO, Future and Emerging technologies)
Alkis Konstantellos (EC DG INFSO, Embedded Systems and Control)
Waldemar Kutt (EC Cabinet Commissioner Geoghegan-Quinn)
Michail Kyriakoploulos (EC DG RTD, Aeronautics)
Pierre Marro (EC DG INFSO, Strategy for ICT R&I)
Morton Moller (EC DG INFSO, Operations for R&I)
Gerhard Pauly (EC DG RTD, Aeronautics)
Iphigenia Pottaki (EC DG RTD, SMEs)
Bernd Reichert (EC DG RTD, SMEs)
Ralph Stuebner (EC DG INFSO, Future and Emerging Technologies)
Martin Ubelhor (EC DG INFSO, Evaluation and Monitoring)
Walter Van de Velde (EC DG INFSO, Future and Emerging Technologies) ORGANISER