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On December 14th 2010, FET-Open hosted an exploratory workshop on New directions for supporting High-Tech Research Intensive SMEs . This workshop explored new directions for public support at European level to strengthen the case for high-tech research intensive SMEs to participate in collaborative research on future and emerging technologies (FET) in the broadly conceived area of ICT.

High-tech research intensive SMEs in FET research

Target outcomes

This objective fosters participation of high-tech, research intensive SMEs in a driving role in collaborative research projects targeting visionary, multi-disciplinary research. This will:

  • Link novel ideas from science on the one hand, and marketable ideas on the other, and can lead to new, visionary and non-mainstream business opportunities and future markets.
  • Generate a new scientific and technological asset base on which the SMEs can establish themselves firmly as future innovation players in areas with a high potential for future commercial or societal impact.

This objective does not seek short term commercial outcomes. It will therefore not support , for example, the incremental improvement of state-of-the-art technology, mainstream research aimed at short term product or service development, the incremental improvement of existing lines of business activity, research aimed to catch-up with the competition, forsighting or market studies, or the mere development of new business models or business plans.

Expected impact

  • Opening new venues of research towards future ICT that may be radically different from present day ICT .
  • In-house research capacity and research eco-system of the SMEs secured and broadened, thus leading to sustainable future innovation potential.
  • High-tech, research-intensive SMEs recognised as first-class players in FET research.
  • Increased visibility, exposure and impact of FET research.

Eligibility criteria

The consortium will contain at least one research intensive high-tech SME with an established and proven in-house research capacity and that will play a driving role in setting and executing the research agenda of the project. This objective is expected to be addressed by small STREPs proposals, each requesting a grant in the order of EUR 1 million, where the largest shares of the resources are allocated to the participating SME(s).

For further information on eligibility criteria and other aspects of this call, please visit the FET-Open FAQ section.

Indicative budget

EUR 6 million. This is an indicative budget which is expected to be committed for successful proposals from the cut-off dates of 25/09/2012 up to and including 15/04/2013 - (batches 11 and 15).